Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An Unusual Occurrence

This week I find myself with out a single thing on the calendar! No play dates. No doctor's appointments. No commitments made. Unusual isn't it? And this morning, kids are playing outside with their cousins. And all the laundry, except for some sheets and towels got finished yesterday. What to do with my time?

A glance in the refrigerator showed it to be almost empty (grocery day is tomorrow,) and pretty dirty. I decided it was the perfect time to wipe it out. As I was wiping shelves and pulling out drawers, I noticed that the microwave was looking a bit crusty, and look at all the finger prints on the water cooler, and the dust on the dry sink, and the drips on the cupboards. And since the baby was taking an incredibly long nap, before I knew it the whole kitchen had been wiped down. I won't kid you and say that it is now spotless, but it is decidedly cleaner than when I got up this morning.

It is amazing what you can get done when the calendar is empty, and today is only Tuesday! Hmm. . . what else should I tackle this week?

Tackle It Tuesday


  1. How exciting! How rare...for me....to have it be ANY day, much less Tackle It Tuesday--with nothing to tackle. I'm a little green with envy...the same green that some of the leftovers in my refrigerator have become!!!! EWWW!

    Enjoy your tackle-free day!


  2. gosh, Remind me to say something to you about that when I get home something to the fact...." Gee honey your kitchen looks spotless! Did you do any work in here today?