Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Links and a Question *updated*

I missed last week's links because of our computer issues. So, some of these are last week's carnivals, and what not. But before you go off browsing, a question. What are your favorite carnivals? I don't always include all the same ones, and I'm wondering if there are some you'd like me to be sure to include all the time. Of course my favorite is Make It From Scratch. It will always be here! *wink*

Carnival of the Recipes - Wild Card Edition, Gotta Get Grillin' Edition
next week - Hip to Be Square - favorite bar/square recipe

Speaking of Recipes. . . Piggy Bank Raid is sponsoring a Frugal Recipe Contest. There is a $20 cash prize. Entries are due by June 30th.

Learning in the Great Outdoors

Vegetarian Carnival

Outdoor Odyssey

Healthy and Fit Family

And a spotlight post about me on Motherload.

** Oh I almost forgot, Kelly at Pass the Torch is hosting Share Your Best Homeschooling Tips this Friday. Your participation is requested.

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