Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post Thanksgiving Recovery

We had a great weekend catching up with family we do not see very often. Wednesday evening my aunt and uncle came from NY. Thursday my aunt and uncle from TN came. My Great Aunt Hazel and Terry were here also. We were fourteen for lunch. There was tons of food. We were all so full from turkey and fixings that we didn't even touch the dessert until dinner time, and dessert was all we had for dinner.

Terry and Tim went hunting. Tim had no luck, and later figured out he wasn't sighting the gun right. He is using an antique gun that was my grandfather's. Now that he knows how to sight it right, there should be some more venison coming. A nearby hunter did give Tim a button buck. He felt bad because he thought he took a buck Tim was going to get. Tim tried to tell him that he didn't have a shot on the buck, but the guy insisted.

Terry though, got a 10 point buck. The biggest to come off the property since we've lived here. He was a big one! The roasts are just huge!

There was a lot of sitting around and chatting, eating, hiking, and deer processing over the weekend. The aunts and uncles stayed until Saturday. Tim's parents came Saturday. They had gone to TN for Thanksgiving and stopped for one night here on their way back. Again lots of food. We played lots of games, and had a good time.

After they left Sunday afternoon, I basically collapsed on the couch. Yesterday I had big plans to get things done. School, laundry, Make It From Scratch, a lesson for co-op, and band were all on my list. The kids were tired. I was tired. The day started very rough. Just when we were all starting to get on track again, the power went out! UGH!

We got done what we could and headed to band. Thankfully we when we returned the power was back. I was up late trying to get my stuff done. Laundry didn't even get touched. It won't today either. We have co-op, and then roller skating. I guess we won't be doing laundry until Wednesday. Hope everyone has enough underwear! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cranberry Sauce

It is going to be sooooo good with turkey on Thursday!
Find the recipe here.
Wordless Wednesday
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Went Hunting

I keep teasing Tim that I'm going to start hunting. It is hard for him to get out during the week because it is usually dark by the time he gets home. On the weekends there are always other projects demanding his attention, and he enjoys sleeping in a bit on the weekends too.

Honestly I wouldn't mind going out to hunt. I mean, c'mon, a few hours in the woods alone that might yield me some Filet Mignon? I could go for that, and I usually get up early anyway. A couple of problems, the first being a weapon. I can't pull Tim's bow, and his gun knocks him back. It would probably put me on my butt. A different gun is on the wish list, but the finances aren't there right now.

The other problem is Tim claims that if I shoot it, I am responsible to field dress (gut) and bring the thing back home. I will shoot the thing, but sure would prefer that he do all the cutting up. I think he is just kidding about that. Aren't you honey?

So the past few weeks I've been seeing a deer or two in Mamaw and Papaw's yard. They only come when there aren't many people around. The other day Vivian and I were the only ones here. I was folding laundry, and I saw a deer in the yard. I started wondering if I could sneak up on that deer, and shoot it. I looked a little closer, and realized it was a pretty small one, and figured it wasn't worth the try.

Then I looked out the kitchen window. I could see the same small deer, but behind it was a nice big doe. Mmmmm. . . My adrenaline was pumping, and I wondered if the adrenaline flow would help me pull that bow. I went and got the bow. First try I almost got. Second try almost there, but then the skin of my hands hurt. I grabbed a nearby shirt to protect my hands, and on the third try I heard the "click" that means the string is pulled into place.

I set the safety, loaded the arrow, and check the position of my quarry. I quickly devised a plan to sneak out the side door, and head around the storage trailer where I thought I could hide behind the bank to take my shot.

Uh, miscalculated that one. I'm way to short. So I crept around the side of the trailer, hoping to be able to lean out just far enough to take a shot. As I reached the corner, I heard the "snort" and realized I was on the wrong side of the wind. I step out to see that my dinner was no longer there.

I thought perhaps they just went to the other side of the house, that maybe they really hadn't caught my scent, but no such luck. They were gone. Retreated to the safety of the woods.

I haven't tried to pull the bow again. I haven't gone out to hunt in the woods, but now at least I do know that in a pinch, I can pull that bow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Excuse Me While I Panic

In a week that I should be prebaking pies, freezing dough for rolls, and scrubbing my house top to bottom, I find that it is Thursday and I am still finishing the laundry started from Monday, there are toys everywhere, and my desk is buried. I can't even keep up with the everyday tasks, let alone get anything extra accomplished.

We are hosting the family Thanksgiving next week. Some of the family that will be coming have never been here, and do not have little kids. Can you understand my desire to have the house clean? It has sent me into a mini panic.

Now, this situation is completely self created, I admit. First I set unrealistic goals. This week there were several commitments that were already made. There was little chance of getting any extra work done. Secondly, I added even more to the schedule with some things I just couldn't say no to. Well, maybe I should have.

So why am I sitting here writing this all now, surrounded by unopened mail, while Vivian is pulling all the Kleenex out of the box? I just felt the need to stop running around crazy from task to task and blow off some steam. Whew! I do feel better. Now maybe I can figure out how I am going to check off all the things on my list in one week, or maybe just figure which ones to take off the list because they really aren't that important.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Race is On!

Our Sunday night habit has returned! The Amazing Race is back on! We are all so excited! We were kind of late comers to this reality show. This is only the third season we have watched.

We don't watch a whole lot of TV, but Amazing Race is something we all enjoy. It is nice to have something laid back to do together on a Sunday evening. I wouldn't call it the perfect family show, there are certainly elements that we would prefer weren't there. We try to use those as "teachable moments" and talk to the kids about them. I also was a bit disappointed after watching the first episode of the show this season at the amount of swearing that is allowed through the editing. Maybe I'm a prude, but is that really necessary?

So Sunday night we all sat down with a huge bowl of popcorn for our Sunday night tradition; popcorn for dinner and the Amazing Race. Last year we also had apple crisp, but the apple trees didn't produce this year, so much for that tradition. The first episode seemed a bit intense compared to other first episodes, but I think there are some pretty intense personalities this season. It is a bit early to pick favorites, but I have to say I kind of like Kynt and Vyxsin, the goth couple. Surprise you? Though Tim claims the attraction is a throw back to my college days, and Depeche Mode, I'm not sure that is it. I don't think it has anything to do with the way they look or that they are goth (I never was into goth btw), I just like the way they played the game. They just did their own thing, and had fun. We'll see if it lasts.

I can say I was not the least disappointed that Ari and Staella were eliminated. Man, they were annoying. Well mostly he was annoying, but they were my first choice to go. So BYE BYE!

Anyhow, if you are looking for us on Sunday nights, you'll find us glued to the T.V.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sending Kellen to Public School

Thursday Mamaw and Papaw had an appointment with a lawyer, (his advice - wait and see what happens) and Ashley had a band concert. Since the cousins were coming for the weekend on Friday, Mamaw and Papaw decided to spend the night to save themselves a lot of driving. Papaw thought it might be fun to take Kellen and Lydia with them. And why not let them accompany their cousins to school on Friday? It sounded reasonable to Tim and I.

Lydia was thrilled, and couldn't wait to go with Ashley to school. Kellen was happy to go with Mamaw and Papaw, but was down right nervous about spending the day in a public school, even if it was with Miles. Turns out Ashley's school does not allow visitors due to some past problems. Lydia was only able to eat lunch there. Miles' school was more than happy to have Kellen visit. Reluctantly, Kellen decided going to school with Miles would be more fun than staying home, or shopping with Mamaw, Papaw, and Lydia.

They all went to the concert, which reportedly was quite impressive for junior high band. Then they went around to meet some of Ashley's teachers. It was during this time that Kellen engaged in conversation with one of the teachers, and proceeded to tell her all the reasons that homeschool was better than public school. The teacher did not appreciate the lecture from a nine year old boy. Though I am glad he is proud to be homeschooled, I obviously would like him to express him self with a little more tact.

Mamaw and Papaw had a long discussion with him about being a polite guest in the school, and that sometimes it is better to keep your opinions to yourself. In other words. . . Kellen, Shut Up, and off he went to school with Miles the next day.

About the middle of the day I began to wonder, what if this all backfires? See Kellen really was afraid of public school. Last year when I was thinking of having him test with the public schools he was basically refusing to do it because he didn't want to go to school. It was that fear of the unknown thing. I thought going to school for a day would help him to see that it is not some big evil thing, to see how it runs, and appreciate the differences. But what if he went, loved it and decided he wanted to go to public school? I'm not anti public school, but we do have our reasons for homeschooling, especially for Kellen. I didn't want a battle on my hands.

When he got home that night, we asked him about the day. He gave us a basic run down of how the day went, what subjects they were studying, what he thought was hard, and what he thought was easy. Tentatively I asked, "Did you have fun today?" He responded, "Yes, but I wouldn't want to do that everyday." YES!

When I asked him why, the answer was less than inspiring, "Mom, I'm done with the books by lunch at home. Why would I want to drag it out any longer?" Apparently expounding on the virtues of his individualized curriculum, the real life applications of lessons, or the lack of unhealthy socialization was something more appropriate to tell a teacher he had never met before, but I'll take what I can get. We sent him to public school for one day, and that was enough for us all.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Mommy Song

Dora sent me this clip in an email. . .

I thought you might appreciate it.