Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Dependent TT#5

When our internet service went down unexpectedly, and we were told it would be up to five business days to fix, I thought, “Well I don’t really need the internet anyway, do I?” I imagined being annoyed by not getting my daily fix of blog writing and reading. What I didn’t realize is how dependent I really am on “having the world at my fingertips.” Here is a list of things I found I’m dependent on the computer for.

1. Recipes
I wanted to make Delilah’s Strawberry pie. Oh, that recipe is on her blog. I was looking for something different to do with basil. It is hard to check without the internet.

2. Weather
We don’t get the paper. I don’t watch the news. When I want to check if is safe to hang the laundry out, or how scorching it is to be, I check Without the internet, I had to take my chances!

3. Information Storage
I needed directions to one place, and a mailing address to another. Both were saved in my hotmail account.

4. Personal Finance
I keep tabs on things, pay bill, and make transfers when needed. Almost everything is done online!

5. Communication
Email is my preferred means of communication. It is quick and efficient. It can be done even when kids are screaming!

6. Information
What do I do about the green worms on my cabbage? How much feed should the goats be getting? How many presidents came from Ohio? When does the summer library program start? All questions I would have liked to used the internet to find.

7. Entertainment
Blogs and more blogs. Games for the kids.

8. A Break
Sneaking a few minutes to read a favorite blog, check email or look something up. Two minutes without hearing (or pretending not to hear) “Mommy,”

9. Adult Interaction During the Day
I’m not much for chatting on the phone. Chatting with my online and real world friends via blogs, email, or IM is my chance to talk on an adult level.

10. Expression
I have been surprised at what an outlet blogging has become for me. In person I’m rather reserved. I’ll say anything (almost) in my blog! I missed that outlet. I tried typing into Word, but it just wasn’t the same with out the comment interaction!

11. Money Making
Hard to earn money online when you can’t get online.

12. Homeschool
We depend heavily the internet as a source for our school assignments. We had to improvise.

13. Shopping
I wanted to shop for homeschool supplies, books, and to order prints from our digital photos. All things I normally do online.


I am dependent on the internet. Funny how you don’t realize how much you use a technology until you have to do with out it! I am so happy that we have internet service again!

Thursday Thirteen


  1. I am very much dependent on technology too. I know how it feels when the computer is not up and running or the internet service is not working. It's not really nice!

    I see that you're homeschooling, maybe you can share me your thoughts and information about it. I actually blogged about homeschooling and I'm still looking out for comments and information on the matter :)

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Oh, I hear you. Amazing to think that we weren't this plugged in as kids. What happened to us? Is it a good thing?

    At any rate, I know that on the rare times when our line is down, or the more frequent times when the Tour Manager is working from home and hogging the bandwidth, I sure get a lot more writing done. How about THAT???

    Happy TT!

  3. I am dependent too. Mine is also posted.

  4. Five days of no internet???? I'd go insane!!! I'm pretty dependant on it too. Happy TT!

  5. I was without a fast Internet connection for three weeks earlier this year and it was hell - not the burning inferno torture hell but the loss of ability to do things hell.

  6. The internet is a wonderful tool. Happy TT. I've posted lovely photos of my roses.

  7. I don't know what I'd do without the internet. When I have to go a few days without, I start having withdrawal symptoms. It can get pretty scary. But then I figured out that, as a last resort, the library has the internet. I've got to stay connected somehow.

  8. Oh my, it would be hard to go without, especially with kids. Isn't weird to think that we grew up without the internet?

  9. I can barely get along without it, either.
    We went 2 days, and that was torture! Well, it was worse, we went without electricity, and that means no tv or reading at night or a/c!
    Not to mention not being able to blog or check bank accounts or research something to settle an argument quickly....
    Good TT!
    Mine will be up tomorrow.

  10. I so understand what you mean. I was without the internet for nearly a month (except for stopping by the library). It was horrible!!!

  11. How very true! I'm as dependent as you, for most of the same reasons. Great TT!

  12. No Internet....aaaaccck! It would be like a week without caffeine for me!

  13. Haha... I'm very dependent on the internet too. In fact, mine was down for about an hour earlier and all I could think was, "I need to do my TT!". :-)

  14. I would have so many of the same reasons for missing my connection, too... Isn't it amazing how one piece of technology is so very useful??

    If you get a chance, come by and see the list my twins helped me with this week! Happy TTing!

  15. It's amazing how much we do on the computer.

    Happy TT!

  16. I do not know what I would do without my computer! :)

  17. Thats alarming, isn't it? Kinda sad, too, I suppose... but I think the computer HELPS me in so many ways, I really am dependent on it for all of those things! Especially Mapquest,, and if not for those three sites, I'd have NO social life at all! (I use them to find places to go, to take a break from the 'puter!)

  18. oh my gosh living with out the internet would awful it has become such an intregal part of our lives. We use it everyday. I can totally relate to this. The adult interaction during the day is just a savior when you are a stay at home mom! Glad you guys are up and running again! Hope the goats are now eating the right amount of feed!!! poop little goats :)

  19. I SOOO know what you mean! I'm very dependant on the internet. My husband teases me about it all the time but just doesn't get it. But he couldn't live without the TV!

    Great TT. Come see mine :)

  20. I published the Homeschool Tips and Advice post. So if you have a post, Mr. Linky is ready!


  21. I agree--I'm hooked completely. Though I don't pay bills online. I think it's my holdout against technology, paying bills the old fashioned way.

  22. Great list, I'd go stir crazy without the internet for 5 days! Happy TT

  23. Happy Th 13!! What a great list ... I go a little twitchy without our Internet Access too.

    Mama Kelly