Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stephanie is having withdrawl symptoms...bad

I think I am enjoying having all the control of Steph's blogs. I think it may be going to my head. Either way I am having way too much fun. Stephanie is have major withdrawals this morning. While I was up at 6:00AM helping Paul cut logs, She was busy trying to check her email and get on the web from my Treo. When I had to go to work and I took it from her, she was disappointed. She saw that I posted about the chicks, then exclaimed" You told them about the chicks?!?! I was going to do that!" I told her she could post the pictures. I think it is funny how dependent she is on the Internet, but I think we all are to some degree. Even my mom who doesn't even own a computer wants to read our blogs now and then. Well I think I need to get back to work.


  1. So, when exactly are you planning to get the computer fixed??? Do we need to start a "fix the 100 Acre Wood's internet" fund???

  2. Poor Stephanie! Tell her we said hi!