Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday Links

Make It From Scratch

Carnival of Family Life

Carnival of the Recipes- Food for Body and Soul
next week grilling recipes.

Festival of Frugality will be at My Two Dollars.

And if you didn't catch my subtle announcement here, or my husbands not so subtle one here, I am doing a bit of freelance writing. I'm writing for a web site and its blog. You can see the articles here and here.

Enjoy your Tuesday reading!


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Just wanted to let you know that your first article link to save-for-an-extra-payment is broken.
    You have an extra *http://*at the end of it that is screwing it up.
    I am curious, is the freelance writing being done for-profit? I would love to find out how you got into doing that. It is something that I would like to explore myself.
    I'll check back later. or you can post over at my blog if you like.

  2. P~
    Thanks for letting me know about the link. Fixing it now.

    The freelancing does pay. It isn't huge, but I enjoy the topic and it may pay more in the future. It was handed to me by Phelan at Homesteading Neophyte. She also writes for the same people at a different zine. Feel free to email me . Itis listed in the side bar.