Tuesday, June 26, 2007

But I'm Not Tired

Have I mentioned that Nolan (3) is quite the character? What only a couple hundred times? This latest installment came at dinner time, after a day of hard outside play. (You may notice how dirty he is.)

The video is a bit long. You'll get the idea from the beginning. We kept thinking we'd catch him actually fall asleep, but no not our stubborn boy. In fact, immediately after dinner, we got him cleaned up and ready for bed. He was adamant that he was not tired. He didn't go to sleep for almost an hour and a half. Now, that is one stubborn boy!


  1. That video is SO incredibly cute!!!!

    I can't believe he STILL didn't go to sleep! LOL. Priceless. ;)

  2. Oh goodness...he made me tired. Supercute video.

  3. Oh, oh, poor little guy. Just doesn't want to miss out on anything? You have a precious son.