Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Potty Training Begins

Potty training. The words can provoke dread in even the most seasoned parents. We have all heard horror stories. I can't complain too much Kellen and Lydia were fairly easy. Tim and I have thought for awhile that Nolan is probably ready to train. He has gone several times on the potty and has been interested. With two in diapers for the first time I am ready for him to go on the potty! What I haven't been ready for is the process. My goal was to start training while Tim is home more to help. He has been home more the last couple weeks, but we still hadn't started.

Apparently, Nolan was tired of waiting for me. Yesterday he refused to put on his diaper. We let him run around bare bottomed outside. Three days naked is a potty training method. Most of us were outside working on the concrete. (yeah! We have sidewalks and a porch!) Nolan said pee pee to my mom a couple times and she told him to go ahead and go and he did outside. Boy was he proud. Why is that boys (of all ages) just love to pee outside?

Around lunch time, Nolan went and got his Spiderman underwear that Delilah had recently given him. We put them and he kept them dry for a couple of hours until his nap time. After his nap we put them back on. He didn't keep them dry all afternoon, but he did go again outside a couple times and even told me in the house that he had to go and went in the bathroom. So we still have a little work to do. But I am hoping since he was the one that started this and because he is a very determined little boy that this process will be quick and easy. I will keep you updated.


  1. Yeah --- I'm ready for him to be trained, too!!!


  2. We are going through the same thing with Buddy right now. He's getting pretty good at going on the potty, as long as you remember to tell him to go. He's only though to go about 3X on his own in the last 4 weeks. . .

  3. we went to the park today so it was diapers most of the day. Tonight he is bare bottom again and has told me he needs to go, but he will only go outside!