Friday, March 02, 2007

The Stubborn Gene Dominates

If my family tree were an actual tree, I think it would be oak. My family is strong, solid and very hard; in the head that is. Papaw blames the Hershbergers on Mamaw's side of the family, who have a reputation for being stubborn hot heads. Mamaw claims it is those darn Millers. She has the story of Papaw's great grand father to support her position.

Jacob's Abe, (Amish are often referred to in terms of family lineage. There are a lot of duplicate names. Lineage helps keep everybody straight about who you are talking about.) Papaw's great grandfather, had quite the reputation. In fact, they called him a name, I don't know how to type in Dutch, but that translated means Jacob's Abe Thickhead. This man had such a reputation that the name stuck and became a synonym for stubborn in the Amish community Papaw grew up in. I am sure Papaw was often called Jacob's Abe Thickhead.

So, Miller or Hershberger, it seems as if my brothers and I had no chance of avoiding those "stubborn" genes. The boys, of course, are both very stubborn. Typical Jacob's Abe Thickheads! (love you, Eric and Jake!) I am only determined, thank you very much! *grin*

Tim is the opposite of a Jacob's Abe Thickhead. He really is the most easy going guy. As he likes to say, he is the only Indian in this family of Chiefs.

You would think our offspring might have a chance of avoiding the "stubborn" genes, but apparently "stubborn" is a dominant gene. I won't label Vivian as stubborn yet. She is only one after all, but the other three? No hesitation, they are independent, strong willed, hard headed stubborn kids. They all display it in different ways, but it is there.

Believe me, we've seen it and battled with it in all three of them. We don't want to squelch it. Independence, strong will and a little hardheadedness can do a lot of good when pointed the right way. It is our job to help point it the right way. It can be a hard job.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe "stubborn" really isn't dominate. Maybe Vivian will show that the "easygoing" gene can win. In the meantime, I better go point my darling Thickheads in the right direction!


  1. Matthew is more easy going like me *wink* and Steven is stubborn like Mike. You really have to get good at reverse psychology. It's the only thing that works.

  2. Let me emphasize. I am the only Indian in this house, and I am supposed to be the Chief!

  3. Millers? Hershbergers? Those nmes are all on my mothers side. Of course it was the darn Yoders that were stubborn in m family.

    Have a great evening.

  4. No doubt about it, the stubborn gene in this family comes from me!

    Here from the Carnival of Family Life

  5. The stubborn gene runs in my mum's family. All of us kids ended up with the stubborn gene as well. It will be interesting to see if our offspring gets the gene as well.

    Here via the carnival of family life.

  6. Thanks for being part of the Carnival of SAHMs!

    Both of my boys are stubborn and very determined. Makes for a hard day now, but I can't wait to see how that helps them as adults. :)