Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Vivian

My baby turns one today. And yes, she is still my baby! I am not willing to concede the baby label yet. One year ago she surprised us by coming early, before a scheduled C-section.

The first few months were rough. She had a stubborn case of jaundice, and was very fussy. She spent a lot of time in the sling. Then, almost overnight, it seemed she became a sweet and easy baby. She has been that way since.

She is the sweetie of our church. She is the only baby, and I often don't even make it into the building without someone taking her for me. Funny, how I hated when people did that with Kellen, but now love it with Vivian. She has lots of moms, big sisters, and grandmas at church, who love to hold and play with her. She remains to the core a mommy's girl, and often comes back for a little momma loving before going off to play some more.

She is usually smiley, rarely fussy, and often has what looks to be her fist in her mouth. She actually is sucking on the middle knuckle of her index finger. She never would take a pacifier, but found her own. She attempts to sign "more" and "all done." Sometimes it sounds like she is saying, "mama," or "dada." She can stand alone for a quite awhile, and has attempted some lunging first steps. She is very curious, and constantly exploring. Often "exploring" the same places over and over. She loves to pull everything out of the cupboard, drawer, bag or whatever container things happen to be in. She also is starting to climb.

She is our cutie and we love her bunches. Happy 1st Birthday Vivian!


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday Vivian! I will send a pack of underwear for her to play with! hehe!

    I love the picture of all four in front of the Christmas tree!

  2. Give her a big birthday hug and kiss from Aunt Heather. How cute is that last pic?!?!

    was the one in the sling taken at Mandy's?

  3. Adorable!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. I love that photo of your little one in the cupboard. How adorable !!

  5. Happy birthday, little doll!
    Aunt Nancy

  6. Happy Birthday Vivian! What a cute picture of her! Then again, how could you get a bad picture?!

  7. She is a cutie.

    When you said attempts to sign, does that mean you are trying to teach her sign language? Just curious because we're trying to order a book or flashcards on the subject.

  8. Thanks all for your well wishes. I can't argue with you, she is the cutest thing ever!

    Burdock Boy
    Yes, sign language. We've taught it to the youngest 3 as infants. Highly recommend teaching it. It takes persistence, but is worth it!

  9. She IS still a baby...very much so. I was writing in my Blog the other night about how I have had to let go of my identity as a mother with babies. They are still my babies, but suddenly, they are not babies. Yes, to me it was sudden, even though they are 8,9 and 11. Enjoy her...take in every moment. If you have time, visit OurPlace and read "A Place In Time".
    Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!

  10. I could so relate w/your comment about not wanting people to take your (I assume) first baby. I was exactly the same way! In fact, one day at church my aunt came up to me and asked if she could hold my baby. She was shocked when I replied "No". By the time my second child arrived, I was over that. :-)

    That was almost 17yrs. ago. Boy, time sure does fly!

    Enjoyed your post.

  11. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your note. I enjoyed reading your escapades. Youve got a lovely family. I'll put you on my favs and thanks for letting me go to your carnival!!