Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Guess this is a Regular Thing Now

In what has become a Tuesday tradition, here are a list of things you might be interested in checking out:

The Regulars
Make It From Scratch

Carnival of the Recipes , the Irish edition.

Festival of Frugality The Frugal Duchess chose my article, A Frugal Balance, as an editors pick this week. Though I detest being in the spotlight in the real world, I love it in the blog world! :)

Carnival of Family Life

And a couple of new ones for you, just to keep it interesting.
Money Stories. This is a carnival about our personal experiences with money. I submitted Kellen Gets a Lesson on Brand Names, if you want to know what kind of things you may find there.

The Beauty Carnival

The Postie Carnival. In this carnival all participants are PayPerPost Affiliates. This week's carnival has a TV theme. Posties talk about their favorite shows, hated shows, memories and other thoughts about TV.

The Carnival of the Story Tellers is a carnival of just that; stories. Real life, humor, drama, nonfiction, and memories are some of the categories found there.

Hope you enjoy all the links!