Monday, March 05, 2007

Places to Go

This weeks Carnival of Family Life is up at Be a Good Dad. I will be hosting this carnival here next week.

Make It From Scratch is also posted over at Stop the Ride. Some very yummy and creative things there.

Have you seen Michelle's March Write Away Contest? This month she is looking for submissions about childhood memories. These should be good. Deadline is March 11th.

Tell us all a story about what your kids have done right lately. Focus on the good and share your story at Pass the Torch Tuesday.

Speaking of place to go, we are off to the Homeschool Day at the Capital tomorrow. The band is playing in public for the first time with Tim as director. I'm sure we will have more to share about this later. Have a great day!


  1. Ya know...on Tim's ex-phone, I was deleting some stuff he left on his calendar and there was all this stuff about band practice. I imagined he had to talk to parents or something. I didn't know he was aspiring to be a conductor. Good Luck to him!!!

  2. I'll have a good time at all of those places when I have a minute to sit down and spend the time. The kids are all finishing up their morning stuff...about to take a break while I shower. Maybe I will have time to sit down this afternoon!! I need to come up with something fun to host at OurPlace!