Monday, March 19, 2007

Our Continuing Rabbit Saga

No, this isn't another story of indiscretions, unplanned pregnancy, and babies that didn't make it. This is a happy story. After encountering numerous obstacles, we finally found some New Zealand does to mate with Scotty for Kellen's 4-H project.

Saturday we traveled about an hour to retrieve them. We brought home three does that are about six months old. Their names are Blanche, Snowball, and Cream. Don't ask me who is who. I can't tell them apart yet, but Kellen seems to be able to.

They are cute, but energetic. The kids will need to learn to be more careful with the doors. We've already had three escape attempts, something that was never a problem with our other rabbits.

Regretfully, the story does not end there. This is also a very sad story. Our long time pet, Scotty, apparently, could not handle all the excitement. We hadn't even put a doe in with him yet, but the thought of it must have been too much for him. He passed away about five hours after we got home with the girls.

He was our pet for about four years. He was Delilah's pet before. He lived to a ripe old age, for a rabbit. He never married or had any offspring, but he will be missed by his human family at the 100 Acre Wood.

And the rabbit saga continues. Another trip will need to be made to the breeder, an hour away, to bring a new buck home. The girls will get their hubby, and we will get bunnies for the fair and for meat, eventually.

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  1. What do you mean he didn't have any off spring?? I thought all rabbits did!

    Sorry for your lost! Hope your next male can handle these gals!