Monday, March 12, 2007

Carnival of Family Life #45

Welcome to Edition #45 of the Carnival of Family Life. It is a big one. Like always there are lots of great entries, some informational, some just for fun, and some that are a little of both. Have fun browsing and don't forget to leave comments and let the author know you stopped in for a visit!

Things to Think About

When your child's birthday is near the kindergarten cut off date, you have a choice to make. See what Liz Smith decides to do in Do We Push Our Kids Too Hard? posted at Modern Sage Online: Practical Living Blog.

Darius presents Young People and Internet Safety posted at

Mike gives some good parenting advice for us all. Raising children - with or without autism is posted at Be A Good Dad.

The Rocketman has solved a bath time dilemma in OK, I Love You, B?Bye! posted at The Rocketman's Change For A Dollar.

How personal are you in your blog? TherapyDoc presents Anonymity, Blogging, and Boundaries posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist.

Megan Bayliss is getting married. Some interesting concerns have come up. Children at Weddings: Acceptable or Non-Acceptable? posted at Child protection: serious business..

Csara presents Mommy Etiquette , or the lack there of, at Baby Talkers.

Think you know it all about chicken pox? See what Rdoctor has to say. You might learn something new.

Amanda Rose presents Rugged Mountain Woman, Back from Hiatus posted at Rebuild from Depression Blog.

Tricia learns It's Worth a Whole Lot More when her son breaks one of her favorite things. Posted at Blogging Away Debt.

Super Saver presents Lessons From My Daughter - "New One" posted at My Wealth Builder.

Lena is surprised by her daughter's self confidence in Cherish posted at Cheeky Lotus.

What has been going on with Supermom? She lets us know in Where Have I Been? posted at SuperMom at MindSay!.

What is missing in playtime? Hsien-Hsien Lei presents Pediatrician-Approved Toys posted at Play Library.

Is your "to do" list draining you? Karen Lynch presents She’s Come Undone posted at LivethePower.

Writing letters used to be the only way to communicate with those far away. Skeet shares some memories in Letters.

Did you celebrate March 8th? Babylune tells us more in Happy International Womens Day.

Satisfaction is taken when hard work pays off. Especially, when it brings such joy to people. Holly shares Small Miracles at Hollyscorner.

Adelle has the Bus Stop Blues posted at KidFaves News.

Christine presents A Boy and the Shower posted at Everyday Disasters.

Karen Alonge thinks maybe we put too much pressure on ourselves as parents. She presents easing off ... posted at postcards from nowhere.

Family time is hard to come by. Carnival founder, Kailani presents Family Dinners posted at An Island Life.

Alan presents It gets lonely at the top - How to handle rejection posted at Made to Be Great.

Things to Have Fun With
I Slimed Them! Goo and fun go together. See what Stephanie and her kids did. Posted at Work at Home in Progress.

Viv connects with her sons in an unusual way in Unlikely Gamer posted at Cool Moms Rule.

Erin Go Bragh! St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas tons of fun and easy ideas! Posted at More4kids Parenting & Family Life.

Erica Douglas presents Activity #7 Gunge or Dough or?..You Decide It is messy, but fun! Posted at Littlemummy.Com.

Get out of your play rut and Do Something Different posted at Littlemummy.Com.

Summer tells about a fun day. My kids are too cute, when you have a great camer... posted at Wired For Noise.

Ever wonder what life is like for moms in other parts of the world? Fun Play dates is showing us in their series, Global Moms.

Ellen McDermott presents Keynoter march 2007: Monday, March 5, 2007 posted at Keynoter march 2007.

Karen Weideman, aka Thrifty Mommy, presents 10 Sites for St. Patrick’s Day Ideas posted at Thrifty Mommy.

Lisa presents Rubber ducky birthday party ideas posted at Lil Duck Duck.

For Laughs

It’s 15 Degrees, The Furnace is Broken—It’s Go Time! A domestic emergency makes Chris feel alive. Posted at Chris Wondra . com.

Lakshmi presents Lessons I did not have to learn. The comments to this post are worth a read too. Posted at Alchemy.

Jami Leigh got a big surprise when her daughter got off the bus! Somebody call the fashion police posted at

Maureen must be the coolest grandma ever. Laser Tag - Grandma Style is posted at Empty Nest.

Tired of winter? Madeleine Begun Kane presents Is It Spring Yet? posted at MAD KANE'S HUMOR BLOG.

Laura presents doing shots mean mommy style a story about her trip with three kids to the doctor. Posted at Adventures in Juggling.

Next weeks host, DigitalRich presents When Trees Fly posted at DigitalRichDaily.

You know your the parent of a toddler when. . . Toddler Parent Checklist posted by Jennifer at Parenting Toddlers.

Karen Murphy writes a letter to her 3 year old in more stuff about Eric, because frankly, he's the most interesting one of us posted at Lion and Magic Boy.

"I’ll really start to worry if he leans across the dinner table when I present dinner one night and says - 'No Mummy, no vegetables - your fired!'." Leisa presents Mummy’s Donald Doll posted at

Karen (Miscellaneous Mum) presents Riley's Birth Story posted at Miscellanous Adventures of an Aussie Mum.

MyBestInvest has scarred his son for life! But if anyone could pull it off, he could posted at My Best Investments.

Tips and Tricks
Have a girlie girl who wants curly hair, but you don't want to spend the money on curlers? Try Rag Rolling presented at Stop the Ride!

Is your child too young for a real job, but still wanting to earn some extra bucks? Matthew Paulson presents Great Ways for Kids to Make Money posted at Getting Green.

Julee Huy is In a Daze . The baby is sick. She is sick, yet life still goes on. Posted at Homeschool Daze.

Trouble at meal times? Jennifer gives us some ideas in Getting Your Toddler to Eat Veggies posted at Parenting Toddlers.

Lydia gives us three great tips for what to do when there are Too Many Toys? posted at Little Blue School.

So the Pregnancy Test is Positive, Now What? Lisa tells you. Posted at Let's Talk Babies.

Develop a love of reading in your child. Michelle presents Tips for Improving Your Child's Literacy posted at scribbit.

Morgan Abigail presents Learning To Read With Bob Books :: Morgan Abigail’s World posted at Morgan Abigail's World.

Frugal Duchess finds she has imparted some frugal wisdom to her teenage son in The Frugal Duchess: My Son's $10 Suede Sneakers from Target: Flexing Frugal Muscles. posted at sharon @ frugal duchess.

Antonio presents Weasel Your Way Out posted at Weasel Your Way Out.

I share with you some tips I've learned that work with my soon to be three year old in Dealing with a Strong Willed Child.

The March 19th Edition hosted by Digital Rich Daily. Information about the carnival can be found at An Island Life.

And with that we come to the end of the 45th edition of the Carnival of Family Life. WHEW! I am feeling a bit like Tour Guide Barbie as the credits roll at the end of Toy Story 2.

"I'm exhausted. Bye now. Bye Bye!"


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