Thursday, March 15, 2007

Car Farts

Last Sunday, Tim and Kellen went to church early, and I drove later with the three youngest. When exiting the interstate, I took the turn a little tight, and went on the rumble strip of the exit ramp for a moment.

Nolan (soon to be 3): What that?
Lydia (5): The car farted. (followed by an outbreak of giggles from the back seat)
Nolan: Mommy make car fart 'gain!

I obliged and a fresh round of giggles broke out. They were disappointed when I informed them that we had left the exit ramp, and I could no longer make the car fart. They did continue talking about it, and giggling the rest of the way to church.


  1. Aren't kids great? We should all be so easily entertained, LOL!

  2. Ha! I started reading this thinking it said 'Car Facts'!

  3. Nothing like a little adventure on the way to church!

  4. Aren't kids so funny! And easily entertained?

  5. ah bless them , they'll be telling all their friends-lol just think you street cred will be great

  6. Love it!

    Any time I run over the rumble strips my kids ask if I've ran over an elephant.

  7. LOL! The first time that my Bro-in-law ran over a rumble strip, my nephew, who was 3 at the time, gasped loudly and said "Daddy, the van tooted!!"

    This of course evoked the same giggling ~~ especially from the parents!