Wednesday, March 14, 2007

About the Picture

As you've figured out, the picture was of frog eggs. Kellen actually took that picture last week. We have eggs and tadpoles all spring, well into the summer, in every puddle of water around. These are in the ditch of our driveway. It is amazing how many eggs are laid.

It is interesting and educational to watch them become tadpoles and then frogs. The kids will walk out the lane every so often to check on the progress. They get so excited when something changes! They run back to give me a report.

The sound of the frogs is just as much a part of spring here as seeing the eggs. I wish you could hear them. It is really pretty and relaxing. They sing into the night, and sing a lot when it is rainy. Those are happy frogs doing their work!


  1. Ha! I knew it! But then again I grew up with a pond on the premises liberally stocked with minnows and tadpoles :)

  2. Oh how neat! I was raised in a really small Midwestern town. We had lots of frogs and, you're right, the sound of them all croaking can be very relaxing.

    When I was a kid, I put a tadpole in a bucket of water, put a screen over top, and then watched the tadpole grow into a frog. The frog hopped away one day when I took off the screen to take a peek! :) Watching this process is quite educational!

  3. That is cool! I am actually thinking of BUYING my kids a pet frog. You can just mail me one, ok??

  4. That is so cool! K has a tadpole in her classroom that they are watching turn into a frog. He looks like and reminds me of a pickle...