Monday, January 15, 2007

We Are Marshall

Last night Tim, Kellen and I went to see We Are Marshall. If you are not familiar with this movie, it is the true story of the 1970 Marshall University football team. The entire team, save three players and one coach, were killed in a plane crash. This is the story of the the team, University and town dealing with and recovering from the pain and loss.

Marshall University is in Huntington, West Virginia, the nearest city to us, about 20 minutes away. This story is very personal to the people of this area. People we have talked to say that the movie accurately portrays the events. Yes, it is a football movie, but I would say the story is more about the heart: the heart of a school, a town and a team. The setting just happens to be football. Ladies, you will need your tissues, and guys you might want to sneak a few in too!

We are relatively new to the area and outsiders to the story. If you want to see true fans, come to Huntington. Marshall is everywhere. You can hardly find a store that doesn't carry Marshall gear. It is very common to see cars painted in Marshall green and white, lawn flags proudly displayed and on game days the whole town turns green. I didn't understand it before, now I do.

On a personal note, it was so cool to see familiar landmarks on the big screen. There were also references to places we have lived and frequented; Ashland, Akron, and Wooster. One little annoyance from the movie, they mispronounced Wooster, but you wouldn't know that unless you are from Wayne County, Ohio.

The critics have not given this movie great reviews, but I really enjoyed it and other yahoo viewers have rated it a B. I would not say it is a must see, unless you live in the Huntington area, but it is a very good movie. If you don't make it to see it on the big screen, make sure that you rent it. It is a story that is well worth watching.

Go Herd!


  1. I'm a bit of a lurker. I don't think I've ever commented before but have been enjoying your diary for a little while now.
    I saw this movie a couple weekends ago and although I'm not a big "sporty" gal, I loved it. I agree with you that it's more about heart than it is about the game. I found the way they pronounced Wooster kind of funny because really, if you think about it, people not familiar with Wooster pronounce it exactly that way.
    Thank you, for being so candid in your entries and for sharing so much of yourself and your darling family with us. I don't know you personally but found you when doing a random search for Apple Creek and Waynedale (I lived there and attended) and have just kept following along.

  2. Nikki,
    That is so cool! I love when people delurk! What year did you graduate? or did you move before graduating? I can't imagine we don't at least know some of the same people. Everybody knows everybody (almost) at Waynedale? LOL

    If you'd like you can email me. The email can be found on my profile!

  3. oooh... spooky!
    Jeff and I just saw We Are Marshall today too. very good movie!!

  4. oh yeah, and just what is the correct pronunciation of Wooster? I just don't see any other way it can be pronounced! :)

  5. Ah good question. It isn't pronounced how it is spelled. (kind of like a few things here too!) It does not rhyme with rooster. It is more like Wuh-ster. I am not sure if that makes it clear. I ask me on Thursday!

    I was thinking I could do a whole post on the places we have lived and the words you don't pronounce how they are spelled.