Sunday, January 28, 2007

I am

I am a child of Amish heritage, of tradition, hard work and community. A daughter of a son, who rebelled against those traditions, yet still carries many of their values.

I am a young girl who ran free in the fields of her grandparents' farm. Who rode ponies bareback, exploring her world, and thought maybe one day she'd be a teacher.

I am the varsity athlete, honor student and class president who rebelled. Who was trying to fill empty places with all the wrong things. Who didn't know the only One who could fill those spaces.

I am the college bound high school senior faced with a choice that would forever change her life. The birthmother who chose to place her daughter in the care of another family. Who cried and mourned that loss, but was confident it was the right choice.

I am the college student who longed to see the world, for fortune and glamour, and who decided that could not be found in teaching.

I am the college graduate who married a man five years her junior. Whose priorities changed. Who decided teaching really was more her style.

I am the mother who longs for her children to enjoy the same freedom and adventures of her childhood days, and who still longs for them herself. The mother who loves to walk in the woods, but more often finds herself changing diapers and doing laundry.

I am the woman still learning that when the focus is on Christ, everything else will fall into place. Who struggles to just be and not just do.

I am the person who dreams of a simple, more self sufficient life. Who is grateful for the hard times that have taught her many lessons, but hopes her own children learn those lessons with out the hard times.

This is my entry for the Owlhaven's writing contest. Check her site for more entries and details. Tell her you came via Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood.


  1. This is lovely!! I added you to Mr. Linky. I don't know why he was being coy with you.



  2. Very eloquent! I think that really describes you well.

  3. lovely!!! thanks for pointing me here!

  4. Mary's right, this is lovely. You're a great writer.

  5. That was absolutely beautiful!

  6. I love this Stephanie!!! I too like reading them of the blogs I read it gives lots more insight. FUN!!!

  7. Loved it! Thanks for visiting mine!!!

  8. Wonderful. What a unique person you are.

  9. Wow, I'm so behind in everything that's going on! Can hardly believe you've heard from the adoption agency -- have been praying about contact with M.R., so here's a first answer!
    Love this post -- thanks for sharing this with us. You're a beautiful person.
    Aunt Nancy

  10. So touching...just as everyone else has already described - lovely.

  11. Beautifully written. Very open, honest and descriptive.

    I especially loved, "Who struggles to just be and not just do."

    Excellent writing.

  12. I liked when you said you want to be outside playiing too, but find yourself doing laundry instead -- that is so true.
    Thank you, beautiful

  13. I ditto everyone's comments. Open, honest and touching.

  14. This is wonderful.A good way to lbout you.

  15. Thank you for participating in the 5th edition of The Carnival of Storytellers!