Monday, January 08, 2007

Random Updates and What Not

Well we have finished Christmas. The Miller's got together this past weekend. Complete with Seafood Stew and all. Delilah posted some more of the details of the weekend if you want to know. It was one for the memory books!

We are trying to get back into the "normal" routine around here. (If there is such a thing around the 100 Acre Wood!) Tim has been at his new job about a month now. With the holidays and all, I don't think we have really posted too much about the new job. Basically, he is doing the same thing, but for different company. The base pay is about the same, but because most of the commissions for his job are generated in the fall, he took quite a pay cut. It should get made up in the fall. His Ebay sales are helping to make up the difference.

Some things are different about the new job. They do a lot more retail business so Tim spends a lot more time in the store, which he doesn't mind, but he lost a lot of the time flexibility he had before, including the month of June! :( On the flip side, they provide a company vehicle. That will save a lot of wear and tear on his car. It will also lower our insurance. We are considering selling his car and putting the money toward a different family vehicle.

Vivian of course, is the kid that is changing the most. It seems like she does something new everyday. She has gotten very vocal, especially in the high chair. She is starting to sign " more" and "all done. " Her mouth seems suddenly full of teeth; three on the bottom and four on top.

Nolan is still all boy and loves trucks and being outside. He amazes is me with how much he seems to just pick up. He has known his colors for some time and seems to be getting numbers and counting now too. The other day, he had watched two Dora episodes. He came in the kitchen and asked to watch more. I told him, "No, you have already watched two." Without hesitation, he responds, "I want watch three!" I didn't know he could count.

Lydia will be turning five on Friday. I will post more about what she is up to then.

Kellen still has his nose in a book most of the time. He loves to be Papaw's helper and according to Papaw he his actually very helpful on the various projects around here. He really seems to have grown up in the last few months. He is at a very enjoyable stage. You can have a good conversation with him and for the most part he is cooperative and respectful. He still wants to over load my brain with all the facts he learns, but I think that is just Kellen! :)

There are some random updates on the family. I need to get back to the laundry.

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  1. Sounds like you are all getting on pretty well! I like the age Matthew is at, too. It's nice to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with at least one of my kids. That's not to say that Steven isn't intelligent, but when every other word is Star Wars, it gets old. Glad Tim likes his new job.