Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Naked House

Sunday when we had our friends over the highlight of play time was Lydia's play house. First the kids played in it in the living room and then when the adults wanted to talk we made them take it to Lydia's room. Yesterday Kellen informs me that the play house has been renamed the "Naked House." The what?! My mind is racing what were they doing in Lydia's room while we were talking? The B-52's song "Love Shack" is going through my head. Were they playing "doctor?"

So I calmly ask Kellen why has it been renamed the "Naked House?" Apparently at some point (I am not clear on whether this was Sunday or Monday) Lydia undressed all her baby dolls and put them naked in the house. Then further decided that if you are naked (or mostly so)you should be in the "Naked House." So yesterday when she and Kellen changed clothes to go to the store they changed in the "Naked House." Lydia also informed me that I can not change in the house b/c I won't fit b/c I am pregnant, but after I have the baby I will fit too! When they changed into PJ's Lydia again changed in the house. Kellen decided he had enough of that and changed in the living room.

As a side note. . . I spoke too soon about the kids being better. Going between grocery stores yesterday Lydia starts crying and whimpering in pain. It was her ear. This of course happens at the same time Kellen gets a nose bleed and is hysterical (drama). So I am yelling at him trying to get him to calm down (which he did in record time) and trying to sooth Lydia while waiting in the drive through line to get drinks for everyone. (at least I wasn't in heavy traffic)

The timing worked out that Tim was almost back to town and there had been a cancellation at the Dr. office. So we met Tim at his office and he and the boys finished the shopping. Lydia and I went to the doctor again. She has infection in both ears. Now she is on antibiotics. When will this winter of scikness ever end?!

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  1. I thought we made it through the sickness without to much damage. Elise is sick now.