Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Life Languages Live

Ok, I realize some of you don't know what Life Languages are. I think you will still enjoy this story, just think of it as the difference in kids instead of Life Languages. I am just telling it to you this way because it is exactly what I thought of as it happened.

Just for a quick intro though, Life Languages is about our communication style. It is like a personality test only much more in depth and accurate. The test is helpful, but the workshop was where it really clicked. Tim & I attended a workshop almost three years ago. I can't tell you how much it helped us understand each other. (And we had been married for about 8 years at that point) Here is the website if you would like an overview of the languages. http://www.lifelanguages.com/index.cfm/PageID/171/index.html
If you are interested in a workshop let me know and I can put you in touch with a friend of ours who presents them. Ok on to the story.

The cast
Kellen age 7 Influencer - Lydia age 4 Resposnder - Nolan age 1 1/2 Doer - Me Doer/Shaper - Tim Influencer/Responder The kids haven't actually taken the test. This is just what we think they are!

Yesterday (before Tim came home) I left the three kids in the kitchen with snacks and drinks. (big mistake!) I was in the next room on the computer. I was gone maybe two minutes when Kellen comes running full speed out of the kitchen yelling, "I have to get out of there, AAAH, I can't be in there!" He ran all the way to the other side of the house.

Now most moms probably would have gone running into the kitchen to see what happened expecting something horrible. What would you expect? Barf, blood, poop, maybe Nolan eating his snot? Well, I know my son and the Influencer's flair for drama and I didn't move from the computer. I sat thinking, "Oh now what!" Then I told him (ok I was probably yelling) to walk back in here and tell me what happened. He walks back still saying, "I can't go in there!" and we go into the kitchen together.

What was going on in my kitchen? What horrible thing could cause such a reaction from a seven year old? It was spilt milk. Yes, one glass of milk spilt on the table and dripping off both sides. Oh the horror!

What, you may wonder, were the other two children doing? Miss Responder, who was still sitting at the table eating her chips, looks at me sweetly and says, "I am sorry mommy. I knocked my cup reaching for more chips." (note: she didn't get up to DO anything about the problem) My little Doer is pointing at the mess like "Look what happened" Ok, he didn't do anything (yet) either but he is 1 1/2!

So, I am explaining (yes I think I was still yelling at this point) to Kellen for 1000th time that his reaction would be appropriate for maybe a cut off finger, someone throwing up or Nolan pooping on the floor (it has happened!) It was not an appropriate reaction to milk being spilled. As I am explaining this, I have gotten several rags out of the cupboard and am wiping up some of the milk. I continue to say (as Lydia munches on chips) that next time they should either grab a rag and start cleaning or calmly tell me what has happened so I can start cleaning.

Then, I look at the other side of the table and there is my little Nolan. He has grabbed one the rags and is wiping up the milk on the floor. Oh, finally a child I can relate to!


  1. This is 100% completely accurate statement, and exactly what goes on in my house almost everyday.

  2. Being grandparents is sooo nice. They are so much calmer when they are with us and when things get crazy we can just have them go home. (Probably the reason they are so calm over here.)

  3. Jude pooped on the floor once. That is always fun.

  4. Which of these do you think I am? I think I am a combo of 2 different ones. I can't wait to take the test. When are we going to do that?

  5. Well, we have all the languages just some are strong and some are weak. When we talk about what you "are" it is the top two. What did you think? We think you are a Mover/Influencer.

    We dropped the ball on getting a hold of Carolyn. The March date we picked isn't going to work b/c of Eric & kids so we need to pick a new date. I think you can take the test anytime though from the website.

  6. Oh the fun of having a drama-king in the house.

  7. That is exactly what I thought. Funny.

  8. Great post. I love the application of theory to everyday life. Thanks for the constribution to the carnival. Look for it on my site Monday. And, I'll have a link to your site for next week's carnival.

  9. ROFL - thank heaven's we get at least a few moments we can relate. *wink* My husband took the blame for the burnt plastic spoon in the frying pan only to learn a few days later it was my daughter. I'd say she's managed the art of cover up.

    Take heart, my daughter's instructors at Sylvan told us they waited with baited breath for our daughter and her stories to arrive each week! I've always struck a deal early on with new teachers that if they agree to only believe about half of what she says I'll extend the same courtesy. *wink*

    Holly's Corner
    Here via the Carnival of Family Life. ;o)

  10. Why are kids so dramatic sometimes? When Girlie Girl spills something, it's like the end of the world! Thanks for sharing this great post!

    Here via Carnival of Family Life.

  11. LOL! My 5 yr old was yelling and screaing- while her toddler sister was trying to take a npa... I tell you the older one has a broken volume knob!

    I put down the potato peeler and ran into the living room. it seems that while prancing around and then leaning on the playpen, she fell in.

    Yeh I know. I com in and a large pair of brown eyes peered at me over the edge of the playpen. I had to help her out, and skip back into the kitchen to spare her further humiliation from my giggling.

    Here from the CFL