Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Extreme Personalities - Lydia (4)

Last week I shared how Nolan's personality is complex. Today I thought I would continue with Lydia. Lydia is our sweet sweet little girl. For those of you familiar with life languages, she is a responder! Her two most common nicknames are "girly girl" and "little momma."

She has been a "girly girl" from the beginning. She of course loves dresses especially when they are pink or purple. She is usually very polite. When I say "bless you" after she sneezes, she responds "thank you" One of the cutest polite things she does is instead of saying "no thank you" to something she will say "no please" I am not sure how she picked this up but it has stuck. And in the last year she has become very interested in makeup, nail polish and jewelry. Interests that have struck fear in her daddy. She is very pretty (I'm not biased am I?) and her baby chub has melted away to reveal a thin, long legged little girl. Tim has joked (I think he is joking) about gating the drive, getting a shot gun and only allowing interaction with preapproved boys! Of course she tells us she is going to marry Ezra (a friend from Akron) so maybe we won't have to worry! :)

At first she didn't like the nickname "little momma", but now she is like "ok I am a little momma and I like it!" The nickname came not because she is just like me. It came because of her kind and nurturing nature. She takes care of her baby dolls; feeds them, reads them stories, tucks them in bed (everyone's beds!), does their hair and sings them songs. She is very gentle with real babies and animals. She is so excited to help me with the new baby. (She is hoping for a girl by the way) She is very concerned about others. In the past week or so I have taken her alone to several places (hair cut, doctor ect) that give a small treat like a sticker or sucker. Everytime she has asked me or the employees if she could have something to take to her brothers! Wouldn't most siblings be rubbing it in, "look what I got haha you didn't?" I know I would have been! It is very common to hear her talking to her brothers telling them to be careful or trying to help them. Just today she told Kellen something he did was dangerous and he was going to get hurt.

Isn't she sweet? Now before your teeth rot on all the sugar, let me tell you this girl also knows how to stand up for herself. She takes no bullying from her big brother. She will get in his face and very firmly state her opinion and tell him how it is in no uncertain terms. She will do this with me too and I am left thinking "where did my sweet little girl go?" It is also very common to hear her say in a very firm tone, "Kellen you are not my boss!" She can also be very competitive.

Girly girl she is, but she is tough, doesn't mind getting dirty and bounces right back if she gets hurt. She wrestles and body slams Tim. She loves to ride on the tractor. She does her best to keep up with Kellen, Miles and Ashley when they all go on walks. She also wants Tim to shoot a deer for us to eat. When we see a deer or almost any other wild animal she says, "Daddy should have his bow to shoot it and kill it." Maybe that will change when he actually kills something, but she is pretty persistent.

Well that is my girl. Sweet and spicy all rolled into one. I wouldn't have it any other way. It is fun to watch them grow and develop. I am enjoying taking this time to reflect a little bit on the kids. Hope I am not boring you too much with it! Only one more to go! Ok two after the baby comes!:)


  1. I'm interested in the interaction between Lydia and her brothers. She stands up to Kellen but can be blown away by Nolan? Or does Nolan just blow everybody away? (He just about did a head first off my lap at the dinner, so maybe I do understand! Guess he didn't like all that hugging.)
    Aunt Nancy

  2. Kellen is much more verbal where Nolan is physical. I think the biggest factor though is she still considers Nolan the baby and is hesitant to be firm in any way with him.

    We have been encouraging her to not make it so much fun for Nolan. He thinks it is a big game. For example when he threatens to throw his sippy cup at her she will make a big fuss and show and he thinks it is funny. So we have been telling her to calmly say "No Nolan do not throw your cup."

    It is starting to work. Of course I wouldn't tell her this, but sometimes I think the most effective thing would be for her just to show him once who is bigger. :)

  3. Atleast she doesn't say "You're not my bloss!"

  4. no thankfully she hasn't said that to us (yet?)

  5. There is another interesting side to lydia that I've been getting a big kick out of. She knows how to ask for things. Today as i was leaving Lydia, Kellen and pack were at the end of the driveway (they were working on the excavator for me). Lydia came up to me looking very serious and told me she needed help. When I asked her what she needed, she informed me that she needed help going back the driveway (meaning, papaw please give me a ride). Whenever she rides with me she tells me she is hungry and thirsty; translated "Please take me to Micky Donalds or Micky Bobs". Steph, with her sweet personality and good looks she will be able to talk any guy into anything she wants (let's hope it is something like money)