Thursday, February 23, 2006


Some people dread Mondays, but for me it is Thursday. I am worn out by Thursday. I am tired physically and mentally. I need a break.

It starts Wed. evening. Three Wed. of the month Tim has worship team stuff at church. He is home for an hour or so from work and then gone all evening. This leaves me with dinner, clean up and bed time. Yes I am spoiled he usually helps me alot with all three of these things. I miss the help and I miss the conversation. Then we usually stay up later than normal "cathing up" from the day.

So I am tired Thursday morning. The kids seem to off too. By Thursday if I have let anything go in the house it now seems unbearable. (dishes and laundry are the usual culprits) I am tired of proding Lydia along to complete any task, of pulling Kellen out of a book to do his normal daily stuff and of keeping Nolan out of the toilets, from beating his sister or dumping his cup on the floor. I am tired of hearing momma this and momma that, of whining and crying. Mostly though I am tired of being tired.

Today has been no different. K & L had dentist appointments this AM. Prod Prod Prod to get out the door. When we got home I just wanted to take a nap, but there is a pile of dishes and laundry. So maybe later, but probably not.

Just so I don't sound like a complete whiner I will say that it is lovely day out and I sent the older two to go play. So there is quiet in my house right now. (Nolan is sleeping) And I am working on a plan to address the proding I have to do with them. I am thinking of a chart with a point system where they could earn some rewards. I will work on completing that on a non Thursday. :) I also realize this tiredness as a temporary phase and soon Thursday will not be so rough. Well the drier has stopped so I guess it is back to work!

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