Monday, February 06, 2006

Joining the Crowd

Well I have done it. I have started a blog. I thought Tim was a bit weird when he started this, but it has grown on me. Since he is not posting as much ( I take partial responsibility for that as I am very jealous for his time lately!) I thought I could start to keep you updated and to give you the other side of the adventures we have down in West Virginia.

Did you ever think you could have sympathy for a mouse? A few weeks back Tim and the kids were all outside. I was putting laundry away in Lydia's room and there on her bean bag was a mouse and its freshly born baby. My first reaction was, "Tim get in here, " but he was in the middle of something and told me to deal with it!

Now apparently this mama mouse was either not finished or still out of her mind with pain (or both) because she did not even seem to care I was there. She did not run. In the time it took me to try to talk Tim into coming in and then figuring out what I was going to do she and the new bundle of joy could have been long gone. I decided to take one of the kids old sand buckets to scoop up the mice. Scooping didn't work too well so I kinda slid them into the bucket. No problems so far.

This is the point where the sympathy factor comes in. Now as many of you know I am very pregnant with our fourth child and those of you who know me know I am not the emotional type, so I am entirely chalking this up to hormones. I felt so bad for this mama in labor and the brand new baby. I had a hard time taking them outside in the cold. When I did the mama was trying to wrap up around the baby. (Jerk at the emotions some more.) So I put the bucket down and told Tim he had to deal with that part, I couldn't "dispose of them."

Not to worry though neither of us had to do the deed. Pac the dog took care of it for us. He grabbed the mama by the tail and shook her to death. The weather took care of the baby. I couldn't watch and thought about "rescuing" them both. Thankfully, logic prevailed!


  1. I was well underneath the house re attaching a heater vent, well into the under belly of the house and could (did) not want to get out from underneath the house to "save a poor mouse."

  2. Good job kid! I hope you have kept copiuos notes of your children's antics-enough good material to write a book.

  3. Glad you've joined the ranks. I almost got teary eyed reading about the mouse...

  4. Enjoyed this one, Steph. Glad to see you join the blogging crowd. Maybe you'll post photos of the new little one when the time comes?
    Aunt Nancy

  5. Pregnant or not, I would have been sympathetic too. Even though I want to kill all the mice/rats in my house, I will still try to rescue one if I see it being tortured by one of the cats. lol.