Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Extreme personalities- Nolan

Tim had a long weekend this weekend. We had a great time. We did some fun things as a family, got some stuff ready for the new baby and spent some time in real conversations. A very relaxing and refreshing weekend. It helped that Miles and Ashley (nephew and niece) were at my parents' house and Kellen and Lydia spent a lot of the weekend over there. Poor Papaw, Mamaw had to work all weekend!

Tim and I talked quite a bit about the kids. (big surprise!) One thing we talked about was how our kids have such extremes in their personalities. We spent a lot of time with Nolan (he is almost 2) alone this weekend. He was in all his glory. He is such a little people person. He loves the attention. Here are some examples

He hates to eat alone, a meal a snack it doesn't matter. He wants someone there with him. It has happened before, but several times this weekend Tim or I tried to set him in the kitchen for a snack while we were working in the living room. Two minutes later here comes Nolan, bowl in hand and plops down to finish eating in the middle of where we are.

He has always been very friendly and had almost no fear of strangers. He was a good baby and still is mostly happy and content. But there have been many times when he has been crying in public, sometimes almost to a point of a fit, I can't get him to settle. Then some stranger will start to smile and talk to him. Instant smile, basking in the glow of attention, until the person walks away then instant crying again

As I talked about in the Life Languages post, he is also a little doer. If he spills something he goes to get a rag to clean it up. Sometimes I think he spills cups on purpose so he can clean it up. (or maybe it is just for attention!) When we get out cereal for breakfast, he shows me where to get the bowl, spoon and milk. He has to have a napkin to wipe up his milk drips. It drives him nuts to have his shoes untied or coat unzipped. He puts dishes in and out of the dishwasher (too bad he doesn't understand the difference between clean and dirty ones yet. I have found some very gross silverware in the drawer!) and even starts the cycle. (again not approbation but he is trying)

He is a very sweet, happy and helpful child right? Well, yeah until he becomes the brute terror of the family. How do all those descriptions fit into one kid? He is very physical, tackling and jumping on everyone. He regularly terrorizes his big sister. He throws or threatens to throw cups and toys at her, steals her toys and destroys her room. Nothing is safe from his reach. He has learned to move and use step stools, chairs or whatever he can find to reach anything he wants. He climbs on top of our desk, the kitchen cabinets, Tims music equipment, the washing machine and the latest and greatest he got on Tim's dresser got a black permanent marker and "decorated" our wall and rocking chair.

He is also very determined (ie stubborn!) Once he has his mind set on something look out. Distractions don't work. Oh you might get him interested for a minute but as soon as you aren't looking he is right back to the original thing. Letting him "cry it out" doesn't work. He still remembers what he wanted. It is usually a very long struggle until he will give in.

Before I had kids I probably would have said, "Kids are pretty simple, different from each other, but, you have a type A, B, or C kid, easy to categorize." I thought it was life that made adults so complicated. The Lord created some very complex beings and I believe that it all works together for His glory. Though sometimes I wish I could say, "Look my perfect child, Glory to God!" More on the other two later.


  1. I know it is too early to tell but I really think Elise is going to be a doer. We are lucky because she is very mild mannered...well, until she sets her mind on something. Then...look out! Either way, I can't wait to see how #4 adds to the mix.

  2. You can tell some even when they are little. I used to think Lydia was a doer too but I am not sure now. More on her later.

    As for number 4? Quiet, reserved, even a little introverted please! Ok I 'd settle for just quiet! Too many talkers in this house! :)