Monday, February 13, 2006

My Time

I have been thinking about the time I take for me (or lack of it!) Now, I am not complaining. This is the plight of most mothers of small children. The Lord has really shown me and in the last few years that my peace and contentment comes from Him not from the circumstances I am in. I can honestly say that I am content and do have peace even though this stage of my life seems crazy at times. Ok Ok the real truth is He is still showing me this, so I am content and have peace on most days! I am sure Tim will attest to those days that I am not!

In the past few days I have gotten some time alone. Oh wonderful time alone! No poop diapers no endless chatter, no whining! Relax and enjoy! Yeah right! This is how I spent that time.

Last Thursday morning my parents watched the kids. I went to the OB where I see I have gained 5 lbs in two weeks. He then informs me after my exam, "If you think you are going early, I will take your word for it, but I sure don't see any indication of that." Gee great news!
I treated myself to Starbucks. (drive thru!)

Saturday, Tim took the kids and dog for a very long walk. I had the house to myself! Oh yes peace and quiet . . . so I could finish the taxes that I had been working on all morning long with constant interruptions from the kids and the husband! I did get them done about 4:00 except for the printing and filing b/c I ran out of ink! AAAAHHH!

Today my parents again watched the kids. I took the dog to vet to get "fixed" They only do "fixings" on certain days and everyone has to check their pet in between 7:30 and 8:00. Unfortunately, these times did not work with Tim's schedule so I had to take the dog.

The waiting room was packed. There must have been 30 cats and dogs there and again it was hot! You wait in line to let them know you are there and then you wait to be called back with your pet and then you wait in line again to pay. The dog in front of us in the first line pooped on the floor.

During our wait time all the chairs were full so I am standing there overheating with my huge belly, trying to control my hyper dog who is also scared by all the strangers. I am thinking, "Chivalry is dead! Why don't one of those men with their cats in a carrier move their butts and let the pregnant woman with the hyper dog sit down?! My dog peed on the floor. A nice lady (with a cat in a carrier) offered to hold Pac's leash so I could clean up the mess. Very nice of her and I was appreciative, but being held by a stranger did not sit well with Pac. He started growling at people and animals! I eventually got him reassured.

I was there for well over an hour going through the process of dropping Pac off to get fixed. And then I treated myself to Starbucks drive thru again! (I got a gift card for Christmas!)

It has been over a month since I last was alone (or with other adults) to do something fun. So time alone is not really time for me! It is to get stuff done. (I am a doer!) I have to admit though even though my time alone is spent getting stuff done it is refreshing to be able to do something without loading kids in and out of the car or having my thoughts constantly interrupted by a child's voice! And there is a break coming. Tomorrow I am going to a ladies small group from church. NO KIDS! And I know (at some level) that in 15 years (or less) I will be looking back to these days, smiling about having all the kids around sharing everything with me and sitting on my lap. I will have forgotten the frustration and the stress that sometimes goes with all of it!

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  1. We love spoiling your kids. Now if we could just figure out how to get Nolan potty trained and get him to sleep here, we could keep him overnight too. By the way at 1:00 this morning Kellen was screaming. He was asleep with his eyes open and saying something about going to the Olympics. Old habits are hard to break. We had just fallen to sleep (Linda gets home from work at 12:30). His crys woke me; I woke Linda and she took care if the screaming kid. What a scum! Why didn't I do it and let her sleep?