Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My chorus of coughing!

I told you that the kids spent a lot of time with Miles and Ashley this weekend, but I didn't say that Miles was sick with a bad cough all weekend also. I honestly didn't think anything of having the kids playing together. (naive? dumb? desperate for peace and quiet?) The chorus began yesterday. The chorus of coughing that is. It was quiet and sporadic yesterday. Today almost constant. All the kids have various levels of cough, runny nose, and flu like symptoms. Even with medicine they continue to cough and noses continue to run.

This has been a rough winter for the health of this clan. I don't know if it is the difference in weather, the stress of moving, or something in the woods or house, but we have never been as sick as we have been this winter. Before moving, I think I could count on both hands the number of combined times I have taken the kids to the Dr. because they were sick. Between the three of them I think we have only had antibiotics three or four times. They just didn't get that sick.

This winter we have all been sick much more than normal. I have already taken two of the three to the doctor b/c of sickness. Lydia had antibiotics and Nolan ended up in the hospital overnight for croup! (The first time since birth any of them had to stay at the hospital!) Tim and I have been fighting stuff more than usual also. Thankfully, we don't have any of the current symptoms.

The one good thing about the kids being sick is I will send them to bed early tonight. It is a good thing b/c Tim is gone (worship team practice) and I am very tired this evening. So I look forward to a quiet evening listening to my chorus of coughing!

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  1. Sounds like our house. I think the illness is due to the weather. I know in Tennessee, they call just called school off for almost a full week because of ILLNESS. I don't think it gets cold enough to kill all the germs. We have only had 3-4 really cold days so there are too many germs flying around.