Monday, February 27, 2006

A Good Weekend

We had a good weekend. Productive and relaxing just what I like. Saturday was beautiful and we all got outside and got some stuff done. Well, mom and I talked and planned and "supervised" more than we actually did but it was still productive. We picked out seeds to order for the garden.

The kids are finally feeling better. I think getting outside did them some good. They are still coughing and snotting but the oldest are acting pretty normal. Nolan is still tired, but not too grumpy. Mom and the kids and I took a long walk. I was hoping for labor, but no luck! :)

But being a typical Miller/Appleton day it couldn't go completely smooth. Tim "fell" out of a tree and scraped his face pretty good. The guys also ripped a wheel off of the tractor. But those are their stories so I will let them share.

Sunday was much cooler, but still sunny. We had friends over for lunch after church. They have three kids close to the ages of ours so it was a little crazy. We took a walk and had hot cocoa. It was fun to just hang out. (six kids and all)

unfortunately I started getting sick Sunday evening and now I have this annoying head cold. But I would rather be sick myself than listen to three sick kids! :)


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  2. Don't know how this got published twice! Sorry!