Thursday, February 09, 2006

Teen Blogging

I could give you another "adventure" I had with the kids today. It was typical, (for us) and I only had two of them with me, but I am afraid I will bore you with those stories. So I thought I would ask for your opinion about something.

I belong to a yahoo group called Homestead_Homeschool. It is a very interesting group and there has been an effort lately to get to know each other better. So the ladies have been sharing their typical daily schedules. I shared mine and then referred them to my blog and asked if any of them blogged. One of the ladies replied that her daughter has been interested in blogging and wondered what I thought about teens blogging.

There has been a lot of negative press about kids/teens blogging. It is whole new area that predators are using . Our pastor even talked about for awhile one Sunday and basically said you should not let your kids blog. I am not in total agreement with that. What do you think about letting kids/teens blog? Are there such things as "closed" blogs that can be read by invitation only? Let me know what you think.


  1. My daughter has a blog on this blog can only receive comments that are friends of the author. They need to be "invited" by the author. I still don't trust it. I go on her blog once a day, sometimes twice a day to see what she is up to and what she posts. Also any comments left and who by. There are a lot of pictures of the kids, that I WILL NOT allow. She CANNOT put a picture of herself on her blog, or anywhere else for that matter. But a lot of kids do. I go on the "friends" blogs to. They lie about their ages, and try to seem older, but I really (luckily) haven't come across anything REALLY bad that was written, but after searching blog after blog I did find young girls' pictured in bikinis. SCARY STUFF

  2. I am not opposed to my teenage(when they become one) blogging but it will be monitored pretty heavy, and even go to the extreme of having me moderate it. I was listening to some news program and they said the police set up a number of different blogs guarded and not and they(the police)said the preditors were on them within 24 hours of the first posting. So there is a danger out there, but each circumstance is different for each family. I would say keep veiwing it as many times as possible.

  3. Steph, please tell us the story -- they're not boring. I missed your blog a couple of days and I've been laughing all today about the spilled milk/lifelanguage incident and how it portrays human nature.
    Aunt Nancy

  4. You can make your blog viewable by invitation only. Mine is not, but I am careful not to say anything that tells anything more than my age (I'm seventeen) and generic location (western United States). My name and location and the names and locations of those I know are never mentioned.

    As long as they're careful, I see no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to blog.