Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Favorite Thursday Thirteens TT # 6

In honor of their 100th edition, the folks at Thursday Thirteen have asked us to list our favorite posts. Since this is only #6 here, I pulled some favorites from my other blog, Stop the Ride. The list, in no particular order.

1. I'm No Superwoman
In an effort to expel any myths to the contrary, I share thirteen of my many faults.

2. #2 at Stop the Ride -
A list of 13 educational websites we enjoy.

3. Dealing With a Strong Willed Child
A list compiled from someone right there in the trenches!

4. For the Birds
Birds (and pictures of them) we saw from our kitchen window this winter.

5. Pets
Thirteen Pets I've had over the years.

6. Wild Foods
Unusual and yummy!

7. Odd Recipes in My Favorite Cookbook
Unusual? Yes. Yummy? Couldn't tell you.

8. I'm Dependent
What I learned when we had no internet for several days.

9. Repurpose Recycle
Things we reuse around the homestead.

10 More Repurpose Recycle
This week's post.

11. Getting Out of Debt.
What we are doing to eliminate debt.

12. What I'd Like to Make from Scratch
A list made when we first started the Make It From Scratch Carnival. Can you believe 20 weeks later, and I haven't made a single thing from that list!

13. Spring Plantings
Some of the first things planted this year. We've planted a ton more since!

Thanks for joining me. To find more lists go to Thursday Thirteen.


  1. this is a great list! Thank you!

  2. Wonderful list! Happy TT!

  3. The great thing about doing todays theme is going back to blogs and then spotting the post you read, enjoyed and then forgot about. Now you can enjoy it all over again.

  4. Great list. First time here through TT. Happy 100th TT Celebration!

  5. I liked the wild foods edition too. Very different and exotic.