Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pets TT #3

There have been a lot of pets in my life. When I was in grade school, we lived on a farm, so I've had many and some unusual pets. I thought I'd share some with you.

1. & 2. Ponies named Betsy and Metsy
These were the sweetest things. My best friend and I rode them everywhere. We had no idea what we were doing. We first started riding them bare back, with baler twine tied to their lead halters. Eventually, we did get bridles, but I don't ever remember having a saddle.

3. & them some? Lambs
I had several lambs. Sadly, I don't remember their names. I didn't have them long. They were 4-H market lambs that ended up on the auction block, and then well. . . the butcher block. The first year I cried like a baby at the auction. I got a very good price that year.

4. A cow named Joy
She was a Guernsey; a dairy cow. Her off spring ended up at the butchers, but she was my pet.

5. Bunches of rabbits
When I was little we had a chicken house full of rabbits. I don't remember any of them by name, but I do remember it was my job to care for them.

I would feed them before school. One morning I got up to feed them, and slipped on my jeans and coat over my night gown, as normal. I went out and fed them, and came back in the house. I sat on the couch, for a minute that turned into a half hour. I woke up to the sound of the bus honking.

I jumped up and ran to the bus. About a mile down the road I realized I was still in my night gown. The bus route went past my best friend's house twice. I begged and pleaded, and convinced the driver to let me off the first time by. I borrowed a sweater. It was rather tight, but not nearly as embarrassing as wearing my night gown to school.

6. Brandy, the Irish Setter
She was a good dog. Much calmer than other Irish Setters I've known since.

7. Lady, the mutt
After Brandy was put down, we got Lady. She was the sweetest dog. She really was more Jake's dog, but we all loved her.

8. More cats than I can count, but one by name.
On the farm we had lots of barn cats. Many too wild to ever consider pets. One that was tame was a calico, named Calico. So creative, I know. She was the only cat we took with us when we left the farm.

9. Another cat
When I was in college, I really wanted a cat. One of my room mates picked up a stray kitten. She was disgusting, and sick. I cleaned her up and took her to the vet. She had this green discharge from her nose that didn't clear up for a very long time, but we loved her. We named her Stoli, yes, like the Vodka. Why we named a black cat after a clear alcohol, I can only explain by saying, "college days."

She didn't like Tim much. When we got married she started peeing on things occasionally. Funny how it was almost always Tim's clothes.

10. Rabbit
When Kellen was a preschooler, Delilah gave us Scotty. He was Kellen's first pet. He died a few months ago.

11. Another mutt; Pac.
He was the first animal we bought after moving here. As a puppy, he was pretty rambunctious. He seems to be calming down now. He has been a great companion for Kellen, even though Kellen sometimes gets frustrated with him.

12. 13. & beyond: more rabbits.
We now have six rabbits. Two, Cha Cha and Peter are strictly pets. Cha Cha is Lydia's girl. Lydia carries her around like a baby.

The other four are New Zealand's; meat rabbits. We are breeding them now, which has been its own story, and subject for another post. Within a month, we should have quite a few more rabbits.

Many good memories of my childhood revolve around animals. Now my children are creating those type of memories too. I hope that one day they will look back at all the pets and farm animals with fondness. Thanks for joining me.


  1. Wow! That is alot of animals! I never had many pets, and it is very surprising that we have a dog now.

    My TT13 is up...

  2. You had lots of wonderful pets! :) So cool that you had a pony when you were young!

  3. wow...I remember all those stories, but it looks like a lot, when written down on paper. Solti peeed(Three E's?) on my stuff monthly. Really, no exagaration.For about two years.
    I still feel saroow about Scotty. I still laugh really hard at the feeding story in the morning.

  4. It does seem like a long list when you put it all together. But I need to add another one -Rocky. He was after Lady, but you weren't around too much for him. I do think, though, that Stoli was the only cat he was afraid of!

    Mom (Linda)

  5. Wow and i thought i was alone in the endless list of pets and animals we grew up with. We also had an irish Setter named gypsy, good dog.