Saturday, July 07, 2007

We Have Ducklings!

Our one duck hen has been sitting for the longest time. We were just about convinced that she was not going to hatch anything. Then last night as I was feeding the animals, I saw something yellow near her. Upon closer inspection I saw two little ducklings; one yellow and one black with a yellow belly.

I was excited, but a bit disappointed. She is sitting on at least a dozen eggs, and only two hatched? She was still sitting on the nest, so we thought maybe there would be more.

Right before we went to bed last night, Tim checked and found one more newly hatched. It was still wet and was super wobbly trying to walk. So cute. She is staying with the nest, so maybe there will be more.

In other animal news, after much work to the chicken coop, and the removal of several coons, it seems we have that situation under control. Four chicks survived. They are looking more and more like chickens everyday. They are just starting to get feathers on their heads. They are all roosting too. It is cute they all roost next to each other and the hen and the rooster roost together right next to them. Happy little family. I've been surprised how involved the rooster is. He stands guard, finds food, and protects the chicks. I didn't know that roosters were good dads.

The rabbits are now a week old. We lost the runt, but seven survive. They grow amazingly fast. They already are covered in fur, and are just plain cute. The subject for another post.

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