Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm No Superwoman TT #4

Over the past few months I have gotten many flattering comments. I appreciate them, really, please do not stop! But it occurred to me that you are not seeing the whole picture. There are many, many things I don't do well, or do not do at all. Here are some from that list.

1. Iron.
Tim does that. They are his clothes after all!

2. Windows.
Can't remember the last time I've cleaned them. Never at this house!

3. Boxed Mac & Cheese.
As you may have noticed in this video.

4. My Van.
Constantly embarrassingly dirty. I haven't cleaned it out since we left for our vacation. Well, since Tim cleaned it before our vacation.

5. Bathrooms.
I hate cleaning them. They get pretty bad. I thought I had the solution: cleaning them while the kids were in the bath, but got out of that by having Tim give the kids their baths.

6. Dusting.
You could write your name on my desk right now.

7. Yelling.
I yell more than I'd like, in a tone that makes me cringe when I hear the kids use it with each other. Not proud of this, but keeping it real here.

8. Kids' Rooms.
Desperately need a de-clutter and thorough cleaning.

9. Exercise.
Don't I get enough chasing Nolan (almost 3) ?

10. My Husband.
I take him for granted. Thanks for all you do Tim!

11. My Self.
I don't do my hair, rarely wear makeup, have trouble keeping up with shaving and with painting my toe nails. Finger nails? Only care they get is a quick trim.

12. Friends & Family.
I'm not good at keeping in touch especially with those far away. This blog serves that purpose to a point, but I really should make more phone calls and write more letters.

13. TV
I let the kids watch shows so I can get some quiet! There I said it!

I don't stress over the things needing improvement. What is the point? Being a mom, a wife, a responsible human is hard work! We all have things we do well with, and things that need improving. We all have the same number of hours in the day, and an impossible number of tasks to complete in those hours. We do the best we know with our time and circumstances. We look for ways to improve where we can. I'm no more superwoman than the rest of you. We all are superwomen!

Thursday Thirteen


  1. I have the same mac and cheese problem. And, my husband irons. I'm pretty good about bathrooms, but terrible about my van. And I yell more than I like too. Nice list.

  2. I don't iron either. My husband does his own or we send them out. And I'm right there with you with a bunch of the others as well.

    Not the mac 'n cheese though. That I do myself. (Of course, the biggest fan in the family is actually me, not the kids. I love the stuff!)

  3. Except for 3, 7, 8 and 13, you and I are a lot alike. And most of those on which we differ are because my kids are grown.

  4. Here's my response. I am her husband after all....
    I could do my own post. but I don't feel like it right know. Here goes:

    1. I haven't ironed for a while either. You keep the laundry on the line rarely in the dryer.

    2. We don't have many windows to do, They are all off of the house remember your dad is residing the house.

    3. I love mac and cheese out of the box.

    4. I don't drive your van that much.

    5. What happened to making the kids clean the bathroom?

    6. You can't write your name on the desk. There are too many papers on it to see the desk....

    7. Not much to yell about, I mean say there...

    8. See Number 5.

    9. Last weekend you worked your tail off. I don't know what you talking about there.

    10.Oh, wait that's about me... I don't think you take me for granted. Isn't it the other way around? What about Sundays?!?

    11. I think you are the sexiest woman on the planet....

    12. Yeah, you might want to work on this one, since I keep in touch with your friends from high school better than you... ( I don't keep in touch with my friend from HS either but whose keeping track?)

    13. If I remember right we only give them an hour of TV a day. Has that changed now?

  5. Im not good at more than 13 things but I agree with some of these

    Mines up! We are having a scavenger hunt!

  6. I like Tim's list. :-) My Wonder Woman once made up a list similar to yours and my response was much as Tim's.

    "You can't write your name on the desk. There are too many papers on it to see the desk...."

    Could be talking about MY desk, except that it's not so much papers as computers (yes, plural) and peripherals and parts, oh my! 6X4' desktop that spills on over to an adjacent 3.5'X5' table and there's never an open space... *heh* And THAT'S just my desktop!

    Exercise? That's for hamsters in cages. Real people get theirs "doing life".

    Really, much of your list could be my list about me (except for the box macaroni--since I discovered making mac n cheese in my rice cooker, I've never looked back :-))

  7. That's a great list! I know the feeling of not getting the bathroom cleaned in a timely manner, and to be honest, I'm not sure I would know where to start when it comes to cleaning windows either.

  8. Hey! You just described ME! Except I don't have Tim to do my ironing (so it doesn't get done, LOL)

    I love Tim's list too. What a great guy!

  9. I love Tims reply!!!

    And when my house isn't for sale I don't do these things either so you are welcome feel right at home!!!!

  10. This is a great list! I came here through Amy's Scavenger hunt!!

  11. Wow, I can so relate to all of these. Especially ironing though! I made my husband by nothing but those iron-free shirts and I absolutely refuse to buy anything for myself that requires ironing. Unless it has to be dry-cleaned anyway. ;)

    Great list!

  12. I think all of these apply to me except the TV and that's only because we don't have cable... and NOBODY irons here. I decided wrinkled is in. We don't have TV to prove me wrong.

  13. I can't remember the last time I ironed other than for sewing something. It may have been last year when I ironed Matthew's suit for his first communion, but then again, I did take it in and raised the hem.
    It's nice to be reminded that we are all human. Great list!

  14. Darlin', you been in my house? Spying in the windows, maybe? Most of the things you post, are me. Except the ironing. Tim hasn't made it over here yet...

  15. No ironing here either...I just hang stuff in the shower and let the steam do the de-wrinkling. LOL.

  16. And I'm glad I don't have a costume to accompany my title :)

    That face shield is something!

  17. You are amazing for being so honest and saying what some would never be brave enough to admit on their blog or anywhere else. That does, in my opinion, make you more of a Superwoman! Haha!