Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday's Linking Tradition

Make it From Scratch
It wasn't intended to be a hot and spicy edition, but there were many hot and spicy recipes. Just what my family loves.

Carnival of the Recipes - Ice Cream
You'll need some to cool off after the spicy recipes! Next week - The Secret is in the Sauce

Carnival of Homeschooling - Reasons to Homeschool
Though this is geared to homeschoolers there are lots of tips for every parent.

Festival of Frugality
This is the place to find lots of great tips to save you money on just about anything. This week with a very creative presentation.

Carnival of Debt Reduction
Learn about using credit card deals to your advantage, great tips about jump starting your debt reduction plan and whether you should sign up for those store card deals.

Carnival of Family Life
Always a wealth of laughs, tips and thoughtful posts about the family.

A Homesteading Neophyte - Blogathon '07
Phelan will be blogging 24 hours for a good cause. Help her help family farms and sponsor her in this Blogathon.

Win a Klean Gift Package
Karen at PediaScribe is looking for your dirty stories. No the kids friendly kind where the kid gets your dirty. Poop stories have been requested. The best story wins a gift package.

Scribbit's July Write-Away Contest
This month's theme is Adventure. My Most Adventerous Moment to be more specific. I have some many stories that would fit this. Who wants to write about our Alaskan adventure? Hopefully I find the time to put one of the stories together before the July 18th deadline!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Maybe we can all write our own versions and see what comes out of that...

  2. Oohhhhhh...I want to write my version - from the perspective of the girl who stayed home and watched from the news.

  3. Don't you dare. My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it...