Saturday, February 10, 2007

Need Sleep

Tim has been out of town since Wednesday. Wouldn't you think I'd be sleeping better with no one hogging the bed or the covers? I should be getting lots of rest! But when he is gone, it takes me longer to wind down and go to sleep. I don't sleep as well, and I usually wake up earlier. Then of course, I have a night like last night.

10:00 PM
For some reason I can't explain, I decided to start our taxes. I am just getting started, and Tim calls. We chat awhile, and Nolan begins screaming. This sometimes happens and he usually settles down quickly. I'm in there trying to calm him and nothing is working. I go to give him a hug, and then I know what the problem is; either I forgot his diaper or he took it off. Both have happened before, and either way, he and the bed were soaked. I quickly hang up with Tim, and proceed to change him and pull off the wet sheets. He is screaming the entire time.

11:00 PM
He is finally settled in. I try to work on the taxes a bit, but the computer is not cooperating. Just as well, I think and head to bed. I read a few pages of the book I received from Simple Katie and fall asleep.

12:30 AM
Nolan is crying again. I can tell he is already out in the living room, so I call to him to come in my room. He settles into our bed and goes back to sleep.

2:00 AM
Vivian is crying. She sleeps through the night most nights. Tonight, she wants to nurse.

4:00 AM
I hear, "beep," pause, "beep," pause, "beep." I am going to ignore it. I am not getting up. I am going back to sleep. I am out of bed. Why is the smoke detector beeping? There is no smoke. The detectors are electric!

The one with issues, is the one I can barely get to. It is above our entertainment hutch. I push the "hush" button; doesn't help. I take it off the wall, and am trying to read the tiny print on the back the explains what the different beeps and lights are supposed to be telling me. Oh, there is a battery in it too. That is the problem. I take the old battery out, don't forget the detector is also unplugged, the thing keeps beeping at me! It has a life of its' own! One that is determined that I get no sleep. AAAHHHH!

I dig around for a new battery and try to put it in. The detector has a little trip thing at the battery, that you have to hold down, while you put the battery in, the correct way. I think I have it in right, but it is still beeping. I take out the battery, and try again. STILL BEEPING!! I try reading more of the tiny print.

You have to reset the detector when you put in a new battery. Resetting means pushing the test button, which of course means the alarm goes off; at 4:00 AM (or 4:30 by now) with four sleeping children. "Oh please Lord, don't let this wake up the kids." I think, as I push the dreaded button. I tolerate the endless (30 second?) blare of the darn thing, and breathe a sigh of relief; no one woke up. Maybe that should really concern me. After all shouldn't the smoke alarm wake up the kids? Oh, who cares, there is no fire! I put it back on the wall and go back to bed.

4:45 AM
I lay in bed, unable to go to sleep, because I am thinking about how I am going to blog about this sleepless night. Pitiful, isn't it? After a bit, I go back to sleep.

5:45 AM
Nolan, who is still in bed with me, starts fussing and kicking. Again, calming him is not working. Finally, he tells me, "Me hungy." (translation, hungry) He ate almost no dinner, so I know he really is hungry. "Why don't you go get a banana?" I say, thinking he can do that by himself, and I can stay in bed. I'm such a compassionate mom, you know. No, a banana won't do, "Me want cut oats." (translation, steel cut oats) Grumble, grumble, grumble, "Ok, Nolan." I say, because there is no convincing him when he is hungry.

We head out to the kitchen. Steel cut oats take about 30 minutes to cook. Lucky for me, there are some leftovers I can heat in the microwave. He wants applesauce too. I set him up with all his desires and a glass of juice, and I go back to bed.

6:15 AM
Contented, Nolan comes back to my bed too. We sleep.

7:45 AM
I am woken by the sound of Kellen yelling at Lydia, "Lydia, do not go in there and wake Mommy up!" Well, it is the thought that counts. Besides it is almost 8:00, I've slept in.

Tim is home tonight. I am looking forward to a full nights rest!


  1. I am looking fwd the sleep at home, but I hope the kids adjust too after a 3.5 day weekend conference put in the big city by myself, I need some warming up to the kids too...excited to get home though, these big city types are getting on my nerves a bit...

  2. I think smoke detectors know when moms are home alone! The same thing happened to me once, but I put it out in the garage until I could deal with it the next day. I wondered the same thing - how do they beep without batteries???

  3. How do they ALWAYS know to go off in the middle of the night? Lucky you found a replacement battery! I have been know to completely tear one out of the ceiling, wiring included! Really pissed of hubby, he got to spend his morning fixing the dang thing!

    Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight!

  4. I can't stand nights like those. I guess the bright side is that it happened all in one night and not one thing each night. Would have been better with reinforcement (Tim), though. You should have saved that massage for now.

  5. Big hugs, sweetie! I hope the sleep is WONDERFUL and relaxing.

    My electric fire detectors beep when the temperature in the house gets too cold! Since one is right outside my bedroom door, and Hubbers sleeps like a rock, it's usually me trekking up and down in the middle of the night. I TOTALLY feel where you're at.