Monday, February 19, 2007

A Little Book to Give Away

Simple Katie passed along the book, Musings of a Mediocre Gardener, to me, a few weeks back. This is a thoughtful little book; a gardener's reflections on life, people, and God. I really enjoyed it.

Katie sent the book, only asking, that I also pass it along when I was done. She put her web address in the book, and I will be adding mine also. The idea is to read it, pass it along and see where all it ends up.

I am now finished with it and ready to pass it on. Who would like to read it? Leave a comment. I will randomly pick someone on Friday. Of course, I also ask that you pass it on after you are finished.


  1. I've just been thinking about gardening...

  2. add my name as well please.