Thursday, February 01, 2007

A banner mail day & a contest

Why do we all love getting mail so much? Most days, the mail consists of bills interspersed with junk? Yet, we still look forward to seeing what is in that mail box, because every now and then there is something good there. Some days there the box is full of goodies. Today was such a day.

Tim got the first of the jeans he bought on eBay. I got the peaches from Heidi. They look so pretty I may just look at them for awhile, and then I may hoard them for myself. Thanks Heidi. I also got the package from the adoption agency. I promise I will post about that later. It is all good, don't worry, just need time to process before I write. And if that were not enough for a banner mail day, there were no bills!

On to the contest. I am having a little contest over at Stop the Ride! so go check it out.

There are some issues leaving comments today on Blogger. If it isn't working please try again!

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