Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Passing Notes

Remember those school days, when you and your friends or current boyfriend would pass notes in the hall or when the teachers back was turned? Sometimes they were filled with juicy bits of gossip, but often just the mundane, "Hey how ya doing? I'm bored. What are you doing this weekend?" or the like. Usually, nothing too exciting, but it kept you connected.

Now we are older, our lives are busier and we aren't sitting in class together or passing in the hall. It is easy to get caught up in your own day, while your spouse is caught up theirs. Then you come together at night, eat dinner, get kids in bed and collapse from total exhaustion to recharge for the next day. It can be a challenge to stay connected as a couple.

Our solution? Pass notes, electronically. We shoot each other emails back and forth. We leave comments on each others' blog. Many times it is very practical, "Could you please stop for a gallon of milk?" Sometimes it is just sharing our day, "I saw what you're watching on ebay. I like it." Rarely is it filled with juicy bits of anything. No matter what words are in the notes, the notes say, "I love you. I am thinking about you. I want to share my day with you." They keep us connected.

Why not just call? We do that too, some. Somehow it is more fun to shoot little notes to each other, and often phone calls get interrupted. It is easier to type a quick note that we can read when we have a minute. It gives you that "we are stealing a minute for each other" thrill.

It is simple. It is fun. It works to keep us connected. How do you stay connected during the day?

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  1. We usually talk by phone. I try to call around 10:30 because by then something has happened with the kids, usually Jude.

  2. Mike calls me on each of his breaks during the day. Like you say, its mostly the mundane, "How's work going" or, "Did you call about ____?" Rarely is it anything more, but its a nice way to stay in touch and when he doesn't call, it throws my day off.

  3. We used to have these complex folding patterns for our notes. Like our own oragami or something. They were almost as much fun to fold as they were to get.

  4. We also send email and we instant message a lot. I like being able to contact him, but also know I'm not interrupting his work. Also, sometimes he works where there is a secretary or operator and it gets tedious to transfer just to ask "Where did you put the babies' bottle??" :)

  5. Very cute! Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day! =)

  6. Y'all get to communicate during the day?? my my, must be nice! :)