Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It helps to look at your planner

I spent yesterday, gearing up for the week. It is a busy one. We did laundry, cleaned, and the kids and I had a family meeting. We have two field trips with our co-op this week. We normally go to the library on Wednesday, and Friday is the monthly homeschool project day that we attend. Normally, I avoid this kind of busyness, but the field trips are good ones. Tim is also leaving for a conference Wednesday and won't be back until Saturday.

I had the week all planned out, Tuesday the musical, Wednesday the library, Thursday the fire station and then groceries, and Friday (maybe) project day. This morning we got ready with minimal issues (Tim was home to help) and were out the door and on our way to the Clay Center, almost an hour drive for us. We get there and the people at the desk look at me strangely, and then inform me that the musical is tomorrow.

What?! I pulled out my planner. How could I make such a mistake? For weeks I've thought it was on a Tuesday, even though for weeks, it has been written in my planner on a Wednesday. Even though my friend, Mary, who is organizing this, sent an email yesterday about our Wednesday field trip.

So instead, we went to Aldi, without my shopping list. Who knows what all I forgot to buy or bought that we didn't really need? It was a different Aldi than we normally go to, so that counts as a field trip, right?

Mary, who reads this, is probably thinking I am a complete idiot. It is for this same outing that I told her that I didn't need four tickets, just one adult and three kids. "Uh, Steph?" she said, "That is four."

Really, I am not this air headed. NO, REALLY! Tim claims that the only time I do things like this is when I'm in a certain condition, that we are not certain we want to be in again. I have no reason, other than my apparent lack of functioning brain cells, to believe that I am in this condition.

I completely attribute this to overload of the brain. Tim has been working long hours, and when he is home at a decent hour, he usually is working on a vehicle or the house. There is a lot going on, and I can't get everything right! Though, I suppose I could look at my planner before driving an hour with four kids!


  1. :oO
    Sounds like something I would do! I'm so sorry!! On the other hand, it could be good news. Better go pee on a stick! :)

  2. I'm with Mary and Tim.
    I must confess that I am like that most of the time, but when I am really busy, I get more done than usual because I keep going over everything in my head.

  3. Ha ha...you should have read my Thursday Thirteen #4 on the list last week! I have the same planner issues!