Friday, October 06, 2006

There is no Potty like Home

Nolan is doing really well with the potty training at home. At home he mostly goes by himself. Sometimes he needs a reminder. When I remind him he goes without a fuss. No major accidents.

Perfect right? Wrong! He will not go on any other potty, but those at home. He won't even use Mamaw's potty. He goes outside when he is at her house. This week he had two major accidents. He waits until he can't stand it. He gets very grumpy and impossible. I try to get him to go, but he refuses to. Out and out throwing a fit refusing. Nothing seems to work. Then he goes in his pants. Last Sunday at church, I took him outside to go. Going outside is not a problem. He will pee anywhere if we are outside.

A friend of mine used to carry her sons potty seat with her everywhere. He used one of those that sits on the big toilet. She would wrap it up in a plastic bag and stick it in a big duffel bag and take it everywhere. I used to think she was nuts. I may have even thought those forbidden words, "I will never do that for my child." What I wouldn't give right now to be able to carry Nolan's potty seat with me. I would do it in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, Nolan refuses to sit on a potty seat. He goes on the big potty, at home. I can't carry our toilet with me!

Deep down I know this is a phase he will outgrow. He will learn to go to the bathroom when he isn't home. Right now though it is infuriating. Have any of you had this problem? Any ideas how to solve it? Besides never leaving the house or letting him pee outside everywhere?


  1. Sorry, but I've never had to go through that (thank goodness). I have no advice except that he'll outgrow it eventually. I know, I'm no use. LOL!

    Here via Carnival of Family Life.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry I have no advice in this department! I'm anxious yet dreading the whole potty training thing with our son, ahhh, they sure do make us pull out our hair at times!

  3. I also had to carry our potty seat with us while we were out, but that was because she was too afraid to use the big potty. Your son already uses the big potty... I wish I could be of more help, I know it is frustrating. Maybe you can get him to aim at a few cheerios at home (I had a friend try this, he loved it), though I realise you maye need a step stool. Then you could try this while you are out, while giving him a boost. I hope he grows out of it soon. Here from the CFL. :O)

  4. dont worry he wont wet his pants he will just hold it and be miserable or he will use the strange potty before he wets