Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tea anyone?

On Friday we did not have a tea party.

For school this year Kellen is doing a series of unit studies centered on the Chronicles of Narnia. The study is called Further Up and Further In if you are curious. One of the suggested activities for Friday was to have tea.

Kellen did a little research about tea in England. He made a menu and helped prepare it. The menu was ham sandwiches cut in small circles, crackers with cream cheese and salmon, grapes and coffee cake. We got out some fancy little glass plates and cups my Great Aunt Hazel gave me. We invited Ashley and Miles (they were off school.) But please do not call it a tea party!

According to my son, a tea party is a girly thing requiring pink dishes and flowers. He could participate in no such event and was quick to correct anyone who would dare to call it a tea party. It was Afternoon Tea.

We also had a "teachable moment" about milk and lemon when the girls put cream into their lemon tea. They were all quite amazed and it was quick on the spot cooking/science lesson.

Call it what you may, we all enjoyed our tea, and it was a fun lesson for a Friday afternoon.


  1. How sweet is that? I would have put on a fake British accent and asked if everyone was on shedule.

  2. How fun to learn about all that!

  3. Often it is the simple lessons where the best success is found! Way to go!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting!

    Holly's Corner

  4. Gotta love the pinky finger raised. Very posh!

  5. As long as food is involved Lord Epa would be all for it. The Afternoon Tea, sounds delightful. I think we will have "tea time" tomorrow. Since we did brunch today.

  6. What fun! We got out of the habit of having weekly Tea Time due to holiday business and a nasty virus in January. After reading this, I'll have to make sure we have our tea this week.