Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Pumpkins than I've ever seen

Our camera doesn't take the best pictures, especially at night. The words you see there say, "Welcome to Kenova, West Virginia. Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture." It is carved into pumpkins. Below that is an orchestra of pumpkins.
There is a conductor and a pumpkin audience. The pumpkin instruments light up when their section is playing. And this is only a small section of the over 3000 pumpkins displayed.

Last Thursday we went with some families from our homeschool co-op, to the Pumpkin House. They were just beginning the carving. What a production. The pumpkins are all drawn on, then scraped and carved. This isn't a commercial operation. The owner of the house supplies everything and volunteers help with the carving. There are pumpkins carved with all kinds of designs. Habitat for Humanity comes and helps drill the bottom holes and uses them to make pumpkin butter to sell. After the display, a farmer comes to take the pumpkins for feed for his cows and pigs.

Sunday night we went back to see the display. What a difference. There were still many pumpkins to go, but just with what was there, it was incredible. Besides the orchestra there was Noah's Ark, a section of birds, a patriotic section, a chorus of cats and much more. Here are some more pictures.


  1. What a great display!! I wish I lived closer so our family could see this!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Now that's just too cool!

  3. The orchestra was really impressive. I could have stood there and listened and watched the entire thing.

  4. I can't even imagine seeing this in person. What an amazing sight (and sound) that must have been.