Thursday, October 26, 2006

Quick Updates on the Family

There are a few things I've posted on that I thought could use some updating. I figured while I was at it I might as well give updates on the whole family. So here goes.

Kellen (8) has his spreader in and will go back to the orthadontist the week of Thanksgiving to get the top braces on. Great timimg huh? Poor guy I might have to puree his turkey! ;)

Lydia (4 1/2) is just growing up too fast. Tim is getting worried. I think he remembers too well about tennage boys! The other day, she painted her own toenails. She did a better job than I do! She loves jewelery and dresses, though we are still learning about sitting like a lady in a dress!

After talking about potty training here and here, I am happy to announce that Nolan (2 1/2) has finally got it! He still has issues with going away from home, but it is minor. No more tears and screaming, and rarely any accidents! WHEW just one more to go through that with.

Vivian (7 mos) is sitting up, has two teeth and is starting to eat table food. She really doesn't crawl, but she does do a military type crawl and gets about wherever she wants to go, Still not much hair, at least compared to our other babies.

Last week, I posted about a "limbo" we were in and my reaction to it. What was in limbo was Tim's job. He posted a little about it here. Basically, his boss is a mover. Movers often shoot then aim. He closed the store Tim was based at, but didn't really have a plan for servicing the customers that are here, and wasn't really sure if Tim would have a job. I am a Shaper and I need a plan. See the dilemma?

I did feel more at peace about the whole situation last week after I posted. Today, Tim met with him, and Tim still has a job. Keeping Tim though, is partially based on an opportuntity for some Internet sales. If that opportunity doesn't develop, I would be surprised if he kept Tim. So, we are still keeping our options open. We are going to check into a few other things and see if anything else is worth making a job change for.

There is your quick update of the family. I will keep you posted.


  1. Oh, poor Kellen! I had to have the spreader thingy and my Mom would turn it with a key thingy every day or so.

    Having just gone through job upheaval I totally feel your pain. I'll keep you guys in our prayers.

  2. thanks for commenting on my Christmas Blog
    loved your blog. hope you have a great christmas with your family.

  3. How funny! We have a Lydia (10) and live in The TWO Acre Wood. :)

  4. Poor Kellen! I had a spreader for seven months. From August '08 until Feb or Mar '09. I couldn't eat hardly at all. I didn't mind turning it with the key, but I hated that I couldn't talk very easily or clearly with all that metal. It was awful because I LOVE to talk...