Friday, October 13, 2006

Remember Drivers Ed. . .

Talk about boring! I took it outside of school so I could get my license sooner. Many of my friends took it in school. I remember taking drivers ed in this over stuffed, hot room with an instructor who spoke in monotone. We were all bored out of our minds.

I don't think there were any options besides school or in a private classroom. Times have changed. A sponsor has asked me to look at this site. Now you can do the class portion of drivers ed via correspondence or online courses at your own pace. I wish I would have had that option!

Got a driver coming up? This may be an option to look at!


  1. Wow, that will be neat. So much better than wasting all that time there and just doing it online.

    Cool find.

  2. I used it to help me study for the written test. It also helped with learning to drive in practice. In my state it doesn't count as Drivers' Ed, but it still was really helpful and I passed the written easily with a very good score (I only missed one or two questions).