Monday, September 18, 2006

Potty Training: Round Two

After a false start, and missing my goal, it seems we may be on our way to a potty trained little boy. I think the first time we started this process Nolan figured out that I really wanted him to go in the potty, so he decided not to. Yes, he is that uh....independent would be the nice word for it! To push it at that point would have been like banging my head on a brick wall. If I even mentioned the potty I got a very firm, "No!" You pick your battles and although I really wanted him to be trained I let it go.

A few weeks ago he started getting diaper rash. He had diarrhea and his little bottom was getting pretty red. It was a major battle just to change his diaper and get some cream on him. (One, I unfortunately, had to tackle!) During the battles, I would tell him that if he would go on the potty I wouldn't have to change his diaper, or that his bottom wouldn't be ouchy in the first place. It worked. Suddenly, he was not so objectionable to the word potty.

Friday I was letting him run around with out a diaper and he took himself to the potty and went poop and pee before I knew he was even in there. When we were home this weekend he went with no diaper, just shorts. (He has trouble getting underwear down) He had a few accidents, but overall did really well. Of course it is on his terms.

1. No potty seat. He goes on the big toilet.
2. He does not want my help or reminders.
3. Shorts, no underwear, no diaper (he goes in the diaper if he has it on)
4. He must flush before he wipes. He wipes for pee or poop, then flushes again after wiping.
5. He says, "bye, bye" every time he flushes.

We are tackling potty training again. Well, I guess Nolan is doing most of the work, I am just around for cleaning up the accidents!


  1. I am so glad to not have this tackle to do! Mine was over 17 years ago and the grandkids are too far away to have to be in the thick of things. Good for you that you let Nolan tell you when he was ready. He needed just a bit more maturing to be ready! And yes it seems it had to be on his terms too! Great share!

  2. Independent??? I could think of a few others words - but I guess that independence does run in the family. So glad he's finally ready for this and life gets even better!


  3. Now THAT is tackling something;) Way to go!


  4. That's a pretty big tackle! I'm so glad those days are behind me! :D

  5. Good luck with potty training! I agree with the others, that is a BIG tackle.

  6. Oh man having just gone through this with my 3 year old son, a couple months ago....I KNOW it's a big thing to tackle :)

    Nicholas refused to go when I wanted him to and when after two months I just gave up and didn't bother him anymore, he suddenly asked for underwear and tossed his diaper....that was it, never wore it again :)

    Way to go :)

  7. sweetest post i have come across so far.
    really wonderful experience mama'

  8. Hooray! My little one (turning 3 soon) refuses to go. Did both on the potty once and that seemed to satisfy her. I assume one day she'll do what another person's son did, just decide to go on her own. It's a battle that's not worth fighting over, especially with one as sensitive as my daughter. She rehearses potty stuff all day and night in her play and in her conversation. It's registering and she's been interested since she was 9 months old. We've tried it all. Ha ha ha! Anyway, a good tackle. :0)

  9. wow.. I need your help! lol great blog name btw! lol

  10. Having just mastered this within the past six months I say bravo!! There are few things more rewarding than mastering such a big "clean up" for mom task.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today!

    Holly's Corner

  11. Oh man, i do not miss tackling something like this at all. Nice to hear that i haven't been alone with my struggles on the potty training front. Congratualtions with this and i hope things continue to pan out well!