Monday, August 28, 2006

100 posts later . . .

This is my 100th post. It has been fun. I am really surprised at how much I enjoy this whole blogging thing. The other day I went back and skimmed through some of the old posts. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some favorites. I would love to know which other ones you thought were memorable too. I decide to pick one post from each month I have been blogging.

My first post was February 6, 2006. Remember the story about the mama mouse? I have to admit I almost teared up again, so I guess it wasn't just pregnancy hormones!

In March, I shared with you my first trip to the grocery store with four kids. Honestly, I think it was easier to go then than it is now.

How could I not pick Hillbilly Scouts from my April posts? Classic!

I had a hard time picking a May favorite, but in the end this post about Kellen won out. I couldn't resist the cute picture of him and Vivian.

In June, I wrote about a Momma Bird that got me thinking about momma me. :)

In July we played a little guessing game about a mystery object. The mystery was solved in a Story about My Grandpa.

Kellen picked the post for August. He picked Quotes from a Four Year Old. I guess he thinks his little sister is pretty funny too!

Thanks for reading it has been fun sharing with those I know in the real world and making new friends here in the "virtual world." Looking forward to another 100!

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