Tuesday, May 23, 2006


(Isn't Vivian too cute!) This is classic Kellen. Nose always in a book! This kid loves to read! He reads fiction and non fiction, books, magazines, newspapers. He reads his books 3 or 4 times. Here he is reading one of the Narnia books. He didn't go to the library with me last week or he would be reading Hardy Boys. He gets 5 every week.

He reads in the car. Yes even on these hilly curvey roads. He reads in bed, on the couch, the floor, where ever. He often reads outside because mom says, "Kellen it is too nice of a day to sit inside the whole time." So he takes his book outside.

Classic book worm? Well yes . . . well no not really. Not if you are thinking quiet, and reserved. Oh no not Tim's son. He has his dad's gift of gab, and a loud voice to go with it. When he isn't reading he is talking. He tells you all about the facts he has learned from his books and magazines. He reads my parenting magazines then lets me know what I should be doing! :)

He wants in on every conversation. If he doesn't know anything about the subject he will make something up. He will talk to kids and adults, family or not. He is a little quiet around new people, but once he gets to know you look out, the conversation begins!

Kellen is very smart. When he was little I used to feel uncomfortable saying that. I guess it felt like bragging or like being the parent who thinks their kid is the best at everything. But he is really smart. Nest year will be his first year to take a standardized test. I am very curious to see how he ranks.

I am thankful fir the gifts Kellen has but there are down sides. This combination of intelligence and talking can be very annoying. He knows so many facts. There is a lot of pride and self reliance that comes with it. Humbleness and wisdom will need to be learned. But for now we nurture and guide the best we know how and trust the Lord for the rest! Oh and make lots of trips to the library!


  1. Boy, is she photogenic! Miss Personality (well, actually, they all are, I think--Miss or Mr. Personality).
    Too funny about the parenting magazines! Actually, he reminds me of myself. I would read the womens' magazines, cereal boxes, etc. When I babysat, could easily spend every penny of a week's wages in a bookstore.
    Great to hear from you again!
    Aunt Nancy

  2. What system did you use to teach Kellen to read?
    Aunt Nancy

  3. We used K-12 phonics program. They teach reading in the second semester of kindergarten. We used an online charter school when we were in Ohio and this was part of the program. I am pretty sure it is also available to purchase by itself. k12.com