Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hillbilly Scouts

The imagination of children. It is so much fun to watch. How do we lose that creativity over the years? I have some theories, but that is not for this post! I am watching Kellen, Lydia and Nolan outside setting up for the "awards ceremony" Kellen has come up with. A little background to the story. . .

Kellen and Pac (the dog) are out in the woods almost everyday. Lydia sometimes goes with them. There are old logging roads that go just about everywhere on property. Kellen normally opts to slide down the "holler" and walk back the roads. He knows how to get around the property better than I do, maybe better than any of us.

One weekend when Ashley and Miles (my niece and nephew) were down, Kellen led them down the "holler" and Miles got hurt. Not badly at all, but it scared Ashley who came back for my mom & I. (the guys were someplace else) Well the new rule after that was when Ashley and Miles are here they all must stay on the paths. We explained to Kellen that 1) Miles and Ashley were not used to hollow climbing and ridge running and 2) they are, to put it nicely, out of shape.

Then Tim's parents have been down. Gail prefers to walk only flat paths, (We have a couple!) but Kellen took Jeff hollow climbing and ridge running a couple of times. Jeff has a funny story about sliding down the hollow!

The last time they were here Kellen came up with a point and ranking system for hollow climbing and ridge running. He ranked the whole family according to ability and hours put in. Everyone was "awarded" a level. The rankings weren't entirely accurate in my opinion, but he is only 7! He and Tim were at level six. There is a level seven, but as "no human can achieve level seven, " Pac is the only one there.

We have been talking about getting Kellen involved in Cub Scouts. He has been reading Tim's old Boy Scout manual. Last night Tim & Kellen went to an informational meeting.

Ok today Kellen is getting ready for an awards ceremony. He is now inside making awards, the current one is the Arrow of Light award. It has a green background with a yellow arrow. The outside is ready for the ceremony. There is a stage (vehicle trailer), with steps (concrete blocks), a refreshment table with snacks & drinks, and chairs for the audience.

All day I have been thinking this is about Hollow Climbing, but I have been informed that it is so much more. This is Hillbilly Scouts awards! There are awards (and licenses) for hollow climbing, creek wading and hillbilliness. Kellen wants to be a hillbilly, though I don't think he really understands what that means! :) It should be an interesting ceremony this afternoon!


  1. Oh, I would so love to see this! Any chance you're taping it?
    Aunt Nancy

  2. Enjoy it while you can, they grow up so fast! Earlier today I went walking in our woods, (we only have 54 acres), anyway, our woods are "breath taking". We have hills, valleys, clifts, really hugh trees and creeks with lots of small falls. I love it!!

    If you hear from Jake today, please post and let me know how he is.

    Thanks, Aunt D.

  3. The ceremony was great! they passed out drinks and pretzels to everyone (at that point just Tim and I - Paul went to Ohio to be with Jake and Delilah, Stephanie is shopping - Eric is at work. Definately wouldn't pass health code!! Lydia did a dance to start the ceremony. Kellen was the master of ceremonies and called each one up individually to get their awards. I was gone all morning but could tell he put a lot of work into it!! Hope he can keep this imagination all heading in the right direction!

    Mom (Mamaw)

  4. Believe it or not Aunt Nancy we do not have a video camera!

  5. Thanks for the report on the ceremony, Linda. Sounds fun. Hospitality shown is interesting.
    Your comments lead to questions about the rest of the family. Where did Eric find work and is he living with Mom and Dad? Is Paul ever going to blog again, and is he still at the job he hasn't told us about?