Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Moving to NJ?

Since moving here about a year ago, I have met many people who have moved here from NJ. It is kind of funny to hear that Jersey accent mixed in with the WV accent. Of course, being from the Midwest, I have no accent! :) People have asked us, and I am sure our New Jersey friends also, "Why would you move to WV?" Well if I was from Jersey I would be answering, "Have you seen the price of our real estate?"

Today I was looking at Jersey Shore Real Estate web site and wow is it expensive there. One property I saw was a two acre lot. Ok just two acres of land, no buildings and the price. . . Take a guess. . . how about almost $5 million???!!!!!! Granted this does look like a beautiful and unique piece of land on a river, but $5 million!? I'll take my 100 acres in the woods that cost pocket change compared to that, thank you very much.

Besides oogling at houses that I will never buy, (the lowest price I saw was $295,000 for a two bedroom home) I did find some helpful and interesting information. I thought Ten Tips for Selecting a Realtor was pretty helpful. We have only purchased one home (and are trying to sell one!) and used a friend of ours, but I really wouldn't know how to find a realtor if I needed one. These tips are specific and detailed, down to some interview questions to use.

I also found Eatontown History interesting. It is short and sweet, but I am a sucker for history. The town was started in 1670.

The area and the homes look very nice, but I won't be moving there anytime soon! :) No offense to anyone who is from Jersey! It was fun to look though.


  1. What a coincidence....When people ask you why you moved from Ohio refer them to my blog. I just finished writing about it today. I don't think I will be moving to NJ anytime either.

  2. Ha ha ha...I didn't even realize this was assigned. Well, didn't you figure out that I also signed up??? That is what my post was really about. I am so sneaky. Funny. Oh and I signed up for a bunch of stuff off that lady's web-site (fusioncash, buzzbyblog).