Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Festival of Frugality #36

Today's Festival is hosted by Amy at Motherload. As always there are lots of great entries to help us save money. Some of my favorites.

The host offers a menu planner and price sheet from my favorite grocery store; Aldi.

Ever been dumpster diving or curb shopping? HollyRhea shares her experiences.

*Ladies Only*
Tired but happy talks about reusable feminine products. I don't have a need for these right now, (yet another perk of breastfeeding!) but I have seen cloth items discussed several places on the web. The "keeper" is new to me though. I am not sure I am ready to make this frugal step. I do cloth for diapers, yet somehow this is different. The lifetime money savings has to be huge. Something to think about in the next few months.

And since I love curry I had to add The Common Room's recipe for Curried Lentils. She also had a recipe for curry powder a while back, but I wasn't able to find it quickly today.

So check them out for yourself.

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  1. Curried lentils sounds good. I'll have to look into that. I have some lentils just sitting on a shelf wanting me to fix them. As for the Keeper, I've also heard of the Diva Cup- about the same thing, I think. I've heard mixed reviews about them. I may look into it though. I think it's about $35.00, and will end up saving you about $1000. Something like that.